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Training Puppies: Sitting and Crate Training

Today I started teaching Maple's puppies to sit. I was amazed how quickly they learn. One handful of puppy food and almost all 8 had figured out if you sit quietly, you will get a piece of dog food. They also spent 2 1/2 hours in the crate. This is their 2nd time in the crate. The first time was for about 20 minutes. This time I left them in the crate and went for a bike ride. So I don't know if there was much crying or not, but when I got home they were all asleep. I woke them up and took them outside. No accidents in the crate! Yippee for such smart pups! I have also started adding carpet squares in the weaning box. None of the puppies are going on the carpet; they potty on the newspape

Only Two Weeks Until Puppies Start to Go Home!

Maple's pups are 6 weeks old; they had their vaccinations, heartguard, and vet visit. Maple's puppies can start to go home in two weeks. Ruby's pups are 4 weeks old; they are starting on wet kibble and to play more. Ruby's puppies still have four more weeks until they are ready to go home. Click and scroll down for puppy pictures. The puppies are getting lots of time socializing, playing, exploring, and learning to be great doggies. Oh and Happy National Dog Day! Aren't labradoodles the best? We think so. Some great help socializing the puppies. Isadore the puppy and Maggie the child It is sure fun to have all 15 puppies out playing in the yard. They follow me and come when I call ( well som

Puppies grow fast

Maples puppies are spending more time outside. They are using the designated spot in their weaning box to go potty. They play hard, and then sleep and eat. Here are both litters eating together. 15 puppies! Wowzers!

Puppies socialized : Puppy Love

Here are Maple's girls, Such sweethearts! Ruby's 7 pups at 3 weeks old. Maple and her pups are in the background Learning how to climb the stairs! PUPPY LOVE

Cuteness Overload: First Bath!

Maple's puppies had their first bath on their 3 week birthday! After bath time, they got cuddle time as they were dried. We love our puppies! Click "read more" for bunches of adorable puppy bath pictures.

First Time Trying Puppy Food

The puppies really enjoyed their first try at solid food. They made a spectacular mess of themselves. At least they worked at cleaning each other off. Do you think the food takes better off of each other? Silly puppies!

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