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Puppy Love

Wentworth's came to see Ruby and her puppies. They could only look at Ruby's 2 day old pups, but they loved holding Maple's 11 day old pups

Everybody is growing and doing great!

Maple's pups eyes are open, they are beginning to walk and try their little voices out. Nothing is cuter than a puppy learning to bark. I will try and get a video. Wentworth's came to visit their dog Ruby ( she lives with them in the guardian program) The puppies were only 2 days old, so they got to look but not hold. Good thing Maple's pups are bigger, they loved holding them. Dew claws were removed on Monday.Vet says all puppies look and sound great. They are straong and gaining weight. Both Mom's are doing well!

Vet Check

Ruby and her pups when to the vet today. Ruby looks great and so do the puppies. They are very strong and active. They has their dew claws removed today. They are troopers! All is well! Everyone is graining weight. It is a busy, but fun time at the Ellsworth home.

Temporary Names for Maple's Puppies

Maple's puppies are growing so quickly and ... they finally have temporary names! They will have initials for their names. First initial is M for Maple and second will be after their collar color. These puppies are awaiting their forever names for when they go to their forever homes.

Pioneer Day Puppies

Ruby's puppies were born early in the morning of July 24th . It is a state holiday honoring the pioneers settling Utah. So in honor of "pioneer day" We decided to name these pups after my ancestors, and after the guardian family of Ruby. These names are temporary, The people who become these dogs forever family will pick their own names for these darling dogs.

Ruby Kisses had her Puppies!

All 7 pups are here. 5 girls 2 boys, I have a tan boy and a Parti boy. The girls are:2 chocolates, 1 parti, and 2 tans . They are tiny pups. About half the size of Maple's. All nursing great!

Pups' First Individual Photos!

Yes, labradoodle puppies are adorable, but so young, we don't like to take them away from mom for much more than their weights and to snap a quick picture or two. We were able to take their first individual photos yesterday and oh boy, are we already in love with these sweet puppies! Their individual pictures are all on the "Available Puppies" page. All the puppies are doing so well and continuing to gain weight. When we get more individual photos, each puppy will have his or her own slide show with weekly weights and pictures (but all in due time). Enjoy these sweet 2 day old puppy pictures.

Eight Puppies!!!

Maple had her beautiful, healthy puppies this morning and mom and pups are doing great. They are nursing and resting. Happy birthday to our newest puppies! Many pictures to come!

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