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Hazel's puppies

Hazel's puppies are already 15 days old. Their eyes are open. They are wobbling around on all fours. They are trying out their voices and starting to go to the bathroom on their own. ( until this time Hazel had to lick them to get them to go to the bathroom) They have had the opportunity to smell a lot of different scents, we have done the early neuro stimulation with them and will continue that just a few more days. They have grown a lot! Today we moved them into a bigger box, with "potty areas" I am trying Hard wood pellets in the potty boxes. We will see how quick they can learn that the blanket is to sleep on and the wood pellets is the bathroom. I am hoping that they learn this quick an

Willow and Tilly Play Date

These two sisters had a great play date. Wilow is expecting her first litter in January. Tilly will have her first breed in 2016 and have puppies sometime next year.

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