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Ell's Hazel Johnson is no longer Bashful             "Hazel" is such a fun sweet girl. She has another "sister" doodle "Coco" that is her best friend. She is adored by the Johnson's (her guardians) and  is an amazing addition to their family! She has had three amazing litters, and the Johnson's would like one more so that they can have one of her puppies. So we hope to have her last litter the summer of 2024

Australian  Multi-generational Labradoodle

Size:  medium

DOB: Jan. 29, 2019

Height: 18.5 inches tall at the shoulders

Weight:26 1/2 lbs

Color:Chocolate/white  Parti

Coat: Wavy Fleece 

OFA  prelim Hips- "good" 

Elbows: clear- negitive of elbow dysplasic

CERF Eyes: Normal

DNA (PRA-prcd, EIC): Clear

Registration Number: ALAA-078915


Soleil is one of Luna's puppies, Jack (Billy James) is her father. She is a wonderful girl, that knows lots of tricks and is so loved by my daughter's family.  She lives with her mother Luna in Evanston  as Sarah 's dog. She had her first litter and really took to motherhood. 

Ell's Magnifique Soleil

Australian multi-gen Labradoodle

Size: medium

DOB: May 30, 2019

Height:18 inches

Weight:29 lbs

Color:  light Chocolate Phantom

Coat: Wavy fleece

Hips 6/16/2021 Excellent

Elbows  6/16/2021 Negative

Eyes tested 30-Mar-2021 Free of genetic disease

PRA-prcd tested 9/3/2020


EIC tested 4/28/2020 Normal/Clear

Registration Number: ALAA-081689

Ell's Marvelous Kona  ALAA-101219
DOB- Feb. 12, 2021

Ell's PS I Love You  (PS)

PS is one of Luna and Ringo's puppies. She was born on 9/6/21. Her puppies should be minis up to small mediums. PS is living with my daughter in Evanston, WY. Her family describe her as the an absolute sweetheart. She is goofy and playful, but loves to cuddle. She is best friend's with our 5 year old granddaughter and they do everything together. Her first litter is expected February 2024. She also often goes to 'work" at the  High school with her "Dad" 

Australian Labradoodle

Size: mini

DOB: 9/6/2021

Height: 14.5 inches

Weight: 16 lbs

Color:   Chocolate

Coat: Wavy fleece

OFA- Hips - OFA: good 

Elbows:  OFA: normal

CERF Eyes: 

DNA profile on record with the ALAA

VWE, PRA-prcd, EIC

Registration Number: -ALAA-110681


Ell's Maddison Ruth (Maddie)

Maddie is a silly sweet dog, she really took to motherhood, and was one of our most attentive mom's we have had. She is so loved by her guardian family. Most of the time she doesn't think she is a dog, rather just a beloved family member.  She has had one litter in November of 2022

Australian Labradoodle


Size: mini

DOB: June 23, 2019

Height:17 inches

Weight:19 lbs

Color:  apricot

Coat: Wavy fleece

DNA profile on record

Hips: good

Elbows: Negative

Eyes: Free of genetic disease (tested every 18 months)

PRA-prcd : Cleared by parentage

EIC : Cleared by Parentage

VWD: Cleared by Parentage


Ell's Ecco Gold (Ecco)

Ecco's parents are Flora and Bentley..She is tiny and cute and is so loved by her guardian family the Clark's  The Clark's have 3 children that do a great job of training and loving Ecco.. We are hoping she will enjoy her puppies, and enjoy coming to our home to have them. She is due to have her first litter the end of February 2024

Australian Labradoodle

Size: mini

DOB: May 25, 2021


Weight:18 lbs

Color: chocolate

Coat: Wavy fleece

 OFA- Hips 5/14/2023 fair

OFA  - Elbows  5/14/2023 Normal

OFA- Patella -normal

OFA-Thyroid- normal

OFA-Cardiac -normal

OFA-Eyes -2/16/23 -normal 

PRA-prcd -


Registration Number: ALAA-103797

sitting in pink chair.jpg

Ell's Starla Kwon Do

Australian Labradoodle

Size: mini

DOB: May 30, 2019

Height: 17 inches


Color: Chocolate

Coat: Wavy fleece

Hips OFA final  GOOD

Elbows OFA  final NORMAL

Eyes  OFA Normal

Paw print genetic tested for these genes: All normal/clear:









Registration Number: -ALAA-091213

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