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What EllsWORTH Labradoodles will do for you and your puppy

This is from part of our contract with the guarantee we give with our puppies:

Companion Pet Puppy shall be understood to mean that the puppy is considered solely as a companion pet and not a breeding prospect.  Buyer understands that the sale of this puppy is Pet only and will not allow this dog to be bred. . Puppy will come already de-sexed or Buyer will have dog spayed or tubal ligation by the time she is one year old, or when suggested by your veterinarian. But at the latest by _________  EllsWORTH Labradoodle will pay up to $175.00 toward the spay, directly to the veterinarian of your choice (just call me with your vet info when you have scheduled the surgery).

If this dog becomes pregnant for any reason buyer will be held in violation of this contract and owe EllsWORTH Labradoodles $13,000.00. ________ (initial here) (cost of an ALAA breeding dog)



Breeder’s Responsibility:


  • The Breeder guarantees the puppy is in good health at the time of delivery. All dogs will be shipped in good health and free, to the best of Breeder’s knowledge, from genetic defect.

  • The Buyer has five days to take the puppy into a veterinarian for an examination. If the puppy is found to be of poor health, Buyer shall immediately provide Breeder with a copy of said report. Buyer may return the Dog to the Breeder and Breeder will replace the Dog. Or, the Buyer has the option of keeping the puppy and the Breeder will reimburse for all documented veterinary costs, up to the purchase price, related to the pre-existing condition.

  • If satisfied with the Veterinarian report, Buyer will retain possession of the Dog and hold Breeder harmless and not liable for any further medical conditions of the Dog.

  • The Breeder provides a warranty for 30 months after the date of sale against any serious genetic disorder that affects the dog's quality of life. (Seizures that are idiopathic are not included in this warranty) Should a serious genetic disorder be discovered, the Breeder will offer a replacement puppy from the next available litter or will pay the dog's Vet bills up to the original purchase price (breeder’s choice). Your puppy does not need to be returned to us. All veterinary records must be supplied to the Breeder. In the case of HD the Buyer must provide documentation from PennHIP or OFA. In the case of cataracts or PRA the Buyer must provide documentation from a veterinary ophthalmologist.

  • The Breeder reserves the right, at the Breeder's expense, to have the dog checked by a veterinarian of the Breeder's choice before offering a replacement puppy or refund.


Buyer's Responsibility:


  • The Buyer will provide the dog a caring and loving home.

  • The Buyer will take the dog to a veterinarian for an annual check-up and all preventative treatment recommended by the veterinarian will be followed. Buyer must provide veterinary records to Breeder when requesting a replacement or refund.

  • The Buyer will take the dog to either group or private training classes by the time the dog is five months of age.

  • The Buyer will feed the dog only a premium quality dog food or a well-researched, balanced raw food diet. Pet food sold in grocery stores does not constitute a premium pet food.

  • The Buyer will not allow the dog to become overweight or allow repetitive, rigorous exercise during the first year of development.


  • 1. Purchaser must provide all required vaccinations from the time of purchase as recommended by the purchaser’s veterinarian, and annually thereafter unless otherwise recommended by purchaser’s veterinarian. 

  • 2. Rabies shots must be provided as recommended by purchaser’s veterinarian and/or required by law. 

  • 3. Any parasites, internal or external, must be promptly eliminated.

  • 4. Puppy/dog must be started on heartworm preventative as soon as purchaser’s veterinarian feels is appropriate.

  • 5. Clean, fresh water and proper food, in sufficient amounts must be provided.

  • 6. The purchaser agrees to provide a suitable fenced area for the dog to ensure safety.

  • Puppy/dog may not be allowed out, unattended, unless within a secure enclosure.

  • Disregard for any of the above, voids any warranties under this Agreement.


BREEDER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY HEALTH RELATED ISSUES OR LOSS OF LIFE DUE TO REACTIONS CAUSED BY VACCINATIONS OR FLEA AND TICK PREPARATIONS ADMINISTERED EITHER ORALLY OR ON THE SKIN SURFACE.   Using products that are in the isoxazoline class will void this contract, which can include, but are not limited to: Bravecto, Simparica, Revolution, nexgard.

Title of the Dog transfers to the Buyer when it leaves the Breeder’s kennel. All risk of loss and injury after leaving the Breeder’s kennel is the responsibility of the Buyer.



The Buyer agrees to never relinquish the Puppy to a shelter. The Breeder agrees to accept a return of the Puppy at any time and for any reason, for the life of the Puppy. Should Buyer decide to sell, relinquish or transfer Puppy, Buyer agrees to notify Breeder of Puppy’s new owner’s details and address. Buyer agrees to screen new owners before sale, release or transfer of Puppy.

The Buyer will contact the Breeder immediately if the Buyer can no longer look after the dog at ANY point during the dog’s life. 

Our return policy is as follows:


  • For non-emergencies, Buyer agrees to retain Puppy until the Breeder or Buyer can find a new home. This is so that the Puppy only need make one adjustment.

  • For emergencies, Buyer will ship Puppy to Breeder at Buyer’s expense.


All warranties in this contract are non-transferable and become void if ownership of the dog transfers.

This contract must be signed and post marked back to EllsWORTH Labradoodles within 14 days of receiving it from the breeder.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles raises exceptional standard and medium and mini sized Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles in Provo, Utah. We aim to select and produce remarkable dogs, with all the wonderful traits found in a true Australian Labradoodle. EllsWORTH Labradoodles can be safely delivered to your home anywhere in the U.S. or the world. Please contact us for a Puppy Application or with any questions.

We are NOT a kennel, our breeding dogs mostly live in "guardian homes" so that they each  have their forever family  right from the start. The dogs come to us to have their puppies. After the puppies are weaned  the Mom's go back to their homes, (usually at about 7 weeks). After  the agreed upon number of litters our girls are then spayed and continue their special lives with their own families. Puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and attention.


Buy With Confidence Knowing that:


  • All of our breeding dogs are extensively tested for genetic abnormalities and are always well cared for.

  • Our dogs are raised inside of our home with our family. We will love and train them for as long as they are with us. We will also be using an early neural stimulation program with each puppy so that they will be well adjusted and ready to start a new life with you. We follow the "avidog, and puppy culture" ways of raising puppies, and we are also in partnership with "Baxter and Bella" an on line dog training program. 

  • We will be an available resource to you on preparing for life with a puppy, and on the care of Australian Labradoodles throughout the duration of your dog’s life.

  • Your puppy will come: with a strict spayneuter contract or a vasectomy/tubal ligation or spay/neuter.

    micro chipped with a paid for registration for the chip. 

    current vaccinations & de-worming

    veterinarian certified

    registration with ALAA

    three  or more generation pedigree

    two-year genetic health warranty (covers most inherited life-threatening disease)

    puppy kit with leash, collar and starter kit

    pictures of your puppy

    information on how to care for your puppy

    lifetime of continued care and support

    toy with mom and litter scent

  • Our Labradoodles should be shed-free and hypoallergenic.

  • We will provide a contract with every puppy specifying both our obligations and yours.

  • EllsWORTH Labradoodles are WORTH adoring. See puppy pricing under Puppies.


So You are Ready for A new Dog? How exciting! What to do next? First read through our guarantees, and what is expected of you and of us. Then send us a filled out puppy application. Once you are approved, you must submit your non-refundable deposit in order to secure your place on the puppy reservation List. 


Weekly updates, videos, and photos of our breeding dogs, and the litter will be posted on this website.  At 6 weeks I will have the litter temperament tested, to help us learn your puppies natural tendencies, and at 8 weeks I will have the litter's "structure" evaluated. After that we will help you select a puppy based upon your position on the puppy reservation list shortly after they are 8 weeks old. We will make every effort to help you in the selection of a puppy. With temperament, gender selection, and your needs all taken into account. Then get ready for a wonderful loving addition to your family!

EllsWORTH Labradoodles. Doodles WORTH adoring!

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