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Preparing for Puppy

Recommended Supply List :

Here is a list of things you should have before you get your puppy with links to examples purchase:

 - An appointment with a Vet (You have 3 days per the contract to take your puppy for a vet check)

 - crate (we love the metal crates, they fold up and are easy to clean) I would suggest getting one with a removable divider so that it can be small when your puppy is small, and larger as the puppy grows. For the medium size dogs, about 26" H X  36" L X 23 " W  is a great size. (If you can't find one with a divider you can put a big box or something in it so it isn't too big.)

  • Dog-AllStage-180.png

 -  food. I use Life Abundance that is shipped to your door.  see the link for it, Under the scroll down  for "Training and Links"  if you want another food, check out  they rate lots of food, look for "A" graded food/ Look for recalls, or lawsuits against the company and avoid those companies that have recalls.

NuVet pet supplement

 -  supplement. Sarah in Wyoming at Wyodoodles has been using NuVet Immune Booster for 2 years with her dogs and absolutely loves that results. Check out more information on our page about NuVet Immune Booster

 -  chew toys and teeth-ers (we love teething ball/treat dispenser, deer antlers, bully sticks, kongs, rope toys, non-edible nyla bones), but not rawhide chews!  Not pig ears. Raw soup bones, or marrow bones are really good, (but you can only give it to your puppy for about 10 min. a day, or it could get diarrhea. These can be purchased online or at most local butcher shops). You can't have too many chew toys, especial for young puppy teeth. Different textures too. If they are chewing on your shoes, get a toy like your shoe, if they are chewing on your towels or slippers , trade for a soft toy. 

teething ball
bully stick
rope toy
nyla bone
raw bone
snuggle puppy
urine gone
steel bowl

 -  Snuggle puppy. This is an amazing cuddle toy for the puppy that really helps to calm your puppy and ease the transition to a new home.

 -  A stain and odor eliminator with enzyme cleaner (for accidents)


 -  stainless steel or ceramic feed and water bowls  (nothing made in China please!)


 -  Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl. This is one of our absolute favorite water bowls as it decreases the water drips significantly.

slopper stopper
bitter apple spray

-  bitter apple spray (to spray on anything you don't want chewed on) Or do some research on what  to spray on things to inhibit chewing (let me know if you find a good one!)

natural dog treat

 -  all natural puppy treats (for training). Break into the tiniest bites possible or find soft ones. (Be sure to NOT over due on treats;  I rarely use treats and instead  just use the dry dog food that they usually eat.)

 -  ear cleaner (I rarely need to use it, but some labradoodles seem to get a lot of ear infections- ask your vet for recommendation at puppy's first check up)

- Teeth cleaner, a puppy toothbrush and toothpaste, and/or mouth spray for cleaning teeth, ( it costs close to $400) to have your vet clean their teeth. and they usually need it about 4 or 5 years old, unless you have done some brushing, and cleaning,  (The deadliest thing  for a dog besides accidents is being overweight or having bad teeth! )

teeth cleaner
tootbrush and paste
mouth spray

-  brush (we love using the wet brush for young puppies as it is gentle and teaches them that grooming can be pleasant), toe nail clipper, slicker brushhair cutting scissors, de-matting brush, de-matting comb and a steel comb

nail clipper
slicker brush
hair scissors
dematting brush
dematting comb
steel comb
slip lead rounded
easy walk harness

Also, please read over some of our training and care links. If you have children, we high suggest you take a look at the Kids and Dogs page.


Join the Baxter and Bella online dog training. This is a on line dog trainer that is very very helpful! She will help you even before you pick up your puppy, Get a discount with the code:  ELLSWORTH .This program has a one time fee and is a LIFE Time membership!.. With weekly assignments, Skype, how to bond, what to do about specific problems. And is great  whether you do training with a trainer, or on your own. This is very beneficial for any aged dog and you!

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