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Only Two Weeks Until Puppies Start to Go Home!

Maple's pups are 6 weeks old; they had their vaccinations, heartguard, and vet visit. Maple's puppies can start to go home in two weeks. Ruby's pups are 4 weeks old; they are starting on wet kibble and to play more. Ruby's puppies still have four more weeks until they are ready to go home. Click and scroll down for puppy pictures. The puppies are getting lots of time socializing, playing, exploring, and learning to be great doggies. Oh and Happy National Dog Day! Aren't labradoodles the best? We think so.

Some great help socializing the puppies.

Isadore the puppy and Maggie the child

It is sure fun to have all 15 puppies out playing in the yard. They follow me and come when I call ( well some of the time they come, but they are learning and getting better every day).

Getting ready for football season!

sleepy puppies

I called "HERE PUPPIES" the some of them woke right up and came right to me.

They want to play outside and are getting tired of the weaning box.

Getting sleepy after playing hard.

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