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July 31st. 2023

Greta's Puppies are 5 weeks old today. I love how fast they are growing, and how curious they are. Their weights are very close to each other and have been each week. Here are their weighs from today : Wally 6.9 lbs

Chester 6.5 lbs

Cassie 7.1 lbs

Peanut 6.7 lbs

Pistachio 6.9 lbs

Al 6.7 lbs

Mia 6.14lbs

All of the older puppies, have found their new homes. There are still openings in Greta's litter.

We have had a busy summer, we are watching my daughter's 3 dogs for the summer while she and her family are in CA while she is being a traveling nurse. We are busy with them and are having fun with our swimming pool (an above ground pool, this is the last year for the pool, since it is old and is barley working) we are gardening a lot, and now have a bunch of chickens too. The grandkids come to visit, and the neighbors come to visit. The puppies get a lot of attention and love.

It seems that about 60 % of our clients this year are return customers. I love to hear about our older puppies and how much they are loved and what wonderful dogs they are. It makes what we do all worth it, when we hear about how loved our dogs are.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles really are WORTH adoring!


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