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Retired Breeders

These superb dogs have completed their time in our breeding program and have retired with their guardian families and our living out the rest of their lives as pets/fur babies. Thank you to each of the guardians that made it possible for these amazing dogs to get the individualized love and care they deserve. We are so grateful for the amazing puppies these doggies brought into our lives and for the improvements each of these "pick of the litter" pups made to the labradoodle breed.


Sky lives with a wonderful guardian family,  They have 2 kids, the mother is an amazing cookie maker, and the dad is 6.9 tall and is "Darth Vader" at many parades and events.  So "Sky's name came from Star Wars..... I bet you can guess what  short term names we will use for her 1st litter.

Sky is from Maple and Rok's July 2015 litter. She  has passed all her health testing.

Ell's Rock Candy Maple Sugar aka "Sky"


Her mother is Maple, her father is Rocwell

Size: Medium

DOB: 7/13/2015

Height:  17 inches

Weight:  28bs

Color: Apricot with white patches

Coat: Wavy

OFA- prelims hips-good, elbows- normal

CERF Eyes: normal

DNA: she has had DNA profiling, Clear by parentage for VWD, PRA-prcd, and EIC

Ell's  Holly Holy Dream "Holly"


Her mother is Hazel, her father is Charlie

Size: Standard

DOB: 11  Dec. 2015

Height: 22 inches at the shoulders

Weight: 40 lbs

Color:  apricot

Coat: curly fleece

OFA- prelims hips-,good elbows- normal

CERF Eyes: normal

DNA: she has had DNA profiling, Clear by parentage for VWD, PRA-prcd 

EIC:  carrier 


Holly is one of Hazel and Charlie's puppies. She was born 12/11/15. She will be standard sized Australian labradoodle and expected grow to be around 21-24 inches tall and in the 45-55 lb range for weight. 

She is as sweet as can be. She is calm and gentle. She hardly ever barks, she loves her hikes up the canyon almost everyday in Bountiful Utah. She is playful and funny and loves to cuddle too. What a great girl. I have loved her to pieces.  


I was sad to have her leave our home for a guardian home, but couldn't be happier for Holly. She and Catherine are great friends and Holly is getting the attention that she loves!

Holly moved to a guardian home  just before Christmas when she was about a year old. Her guardian calls her Lolly pup!

Ell's Gabby Clella Belle ALAA-045201

Gabby is from Ruby and Hunter's July 2015 litter. Gabby 

Gabby surpasses most expectations of fitness. She loves to go on multi mile runs with her bike riding guardian family. Her beautiful coat earns her much admiration.

Australian Labradoodle

Size: medium

DOB: 7/24/2015

Height:19 inches

Weight:35 lbs

Color: Brown and white parti

Coat: wavy fleece

OFA  pre-lim Hips good and Elbows: clear 

Heart: Clear (no congenital cardiac disease)

CERF Eyes: Clear

DNA: Normal/Clear

Registration Number:ALAA-045201

Ell's Ty

Australian Labradoodle

Size:  standard

DOB: June 14, 2012

Height:  24 inches

Weight: 50 lbs

Color: Black

Coat: Wavy

Penn Hips and Elbows:  good

CERF Eyes: normal

EIC - clear

PRA- prcd- clear

Registration Number: ALAA-029598

Ty is one of our first puppies. Ty has successfully completed his extensive health and genetic testing. He had his first breed with Gabby and his puppy was one of the picks of the litter and will be joining a breeding program. Ty is a real family dog and does everything with the kids. He currently lives with our daughter and her family in Payson, UT.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles Charlie Brown

 Both of Charlie's parents were F1b's.  Charlie loves toys, he can throw and catch his own, he most likes his ball on a rope. Charlie doesn't shed, he is a quick learner and yearns to please. He is very gentle and fun loving. He loves to go for runs and walk and hikes.

Charlie Brown

Standard 3rd Generation Labradoodle.

Size: Standard

DOB: 8/9/2010

Height:23 inches

Weight: 55 lbs

Color: Lavendar

Coat: curly

OFA Hips and Elbows: Excellent

Thyroid: Normal

Heart: Clear (no congenital cardiac disease)

CERF Eyes: Clear

Registration Number: ALAA-020973

Ell's Ruby Kisses (Ruby)

Ruby lives in a guardian home with a bunch of little boys. She is one lucky girl!


Ruby is the great granddaughter of our original doodle, Saddie Baby. Her playful attitude and sweet face make her a favorite.


Ruby had her first litter on July 24th!

Australian Labradoodle

Size: small medium


Height: 18 inches

Weight:25 lbs

Color: Chocolate

Coat: wavy fleece

OFA Hips and Elbows: Good/Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Heart: Clear (no congenital cardiac disease)

CERF Eyes: Clear

DNA: Normal/Clear

Registration Number: ALAA-ALAA-034661

Ell's Matilda (Tilly)

Tilly is a loving and energentic doggy, which is perfect for her guardain family with 5 awesome kids! Tilly is Willow's sister and has such a silky soft coat. She is a ball of energy and loves to come over for play dates with her sister. 

Australian Labradoodle

Size: Large Mini

DOB: 5/03/14

Height:  16 inches

Weight: 25 lbs

Color: Red with white patches

Coat: Wavy Fleece 

OFA Hips and Elbows: Fair/Normal

CERF Eyes: Normal

DNA (PRA-prcd, VWD, EIC): Clear

Registration Number: ALAA-037458

Ell's Maple

Maple will have her last litter in early 2016! We are so excited for this litter. Maple is such a sweet girl. Her puppies are very high quality and practically perfect in every way. After this litter, she will be entering retirement (not bad for being only 4 years old). This litter will be your last chance to own one of her pups.

Australian Labradoodle

Size: Medium

DOB: 12/17/2011

Height: 18 inches

Weight: 32 lbs

Color: Golden Apricot

Coat: Wavy Fleece

OFA Hips and Elbows: Good/Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Heart: Clear (no congenital cardiac disease)

CERF Eyes: Clear

DNA: Normal/Clear

Registration Number: ALAA-026669

EllsWORTH Labradoodles retired Greta
Meadow Park's Hazel Indiana

Hazel had come to us from Meadow Park Labradoodles. She has successfully completed all of her testing! She is now registered with the ALAA. We are so excited to add her to our program! Unfortunely she does shed. so we have bred her with Charlie Brown  who has a nice wool coat that does NOT shed. (standard sized puppies) We are hoping the puppies will take after their dad and NOT shed.  She lives in a guardian family and loves hikes and playing with any puppy she can find. She is crazy about water and would play in it all day long if we let her. She is very sweet and nice. Hazel loves everyone!   

Australian Labradoodle

Size: Standard

DOB: 3/08/14

Height: 22 inches

Weight: 50 lbs


Coat: wavy (does shed some)

OFA Hips and Elbows: Good/Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Heart: Clear (no congenital cardiac disease)

CERF Eyes: Clear

DNA: Normal/Clear

EIC - Clear

Registration Number: ALAA- 042296

EllsWORTH Labradoodles Luna retired
Ell's Lady Moon
aka "Luna"

Luna is one of Ruby and Strider's puppies. She was born on 10/13/16. She has turned out a lot smaller than we expected. Her puppies should be small mediums, and possibly minis.. Luna is living with my daughter in Evanston, WY. Her family describe her as the "PERFECT DOG." She is excellent with children, playful, obedient, great a road trips, a snuggler and simply adorable. Her first litter is expected October 2018.

Australian Labradoodle

Size: medium

DOB: 10/13/2016

Height: 17.5 inches

Weight: 24 lbs

Color:  light Chocolate

Coat: Wavy fleece

OFA- prelim- Hips - fair

Elbows: clear

CERF Eyes: normal

DNA:clear by parentage- VWE, PRA-prcd, EIC

Registration Number: ALAA-055239

Ell's Sailing Over the Moon (Sailor)
EllsWORTH Labradoodles retired Sailor

Sailor lives in Salem Utah with her "big brother" Jasper.  Her guardian family adore her, She is a sweet love bug,  she likes to cuddle and is a funny, silly and loves to run.

Australian Multi-generation Labradoodle

Size: Mini

DOB: Oct. 11. 2018

Height:16 inches

Weight: 20.5lbs

Color: caramel parti, (her carmal patches have faded and she looks mostly white.

Coat: fleece

OFA Hips and Elbows: fair/Normal

CERF Eyes: Normal

DNA profile on record

CERF- free from genetic disease

(PRA-prcd, normal, clear

EIC- normal-clear,

Registration Number: ALAA-074902

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