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X-rays for Puppy Count

For every litter of our darling multigeneration Australian labradoodle puppies, we take our mama dogs in to the veterinarian to determine good estimate on the litter size. Also to make sure that puppies will fit through the birthing canal, and that puppies look healthy and fine. This helps us to keep our beloved dogs safe while they are laboring. Knowing how many to expect helps us to know if their labor is over or if it is stalling so that we can get them emergency treatment if we know they have stalled. We love our dogs so much and we work to continually improve our education so that we can help our mamas if they need it. This past week we attended another multi-hour webinar on safely whelping naturally.

Our mamas get around the clock observation as they get closer to delivery time. They also get as much choice as possible to help them to be comfortable and calm. Usually, they just want to stick with us though. As I write, Sol and PS are both cuddled at my feet. We have entered puppy watch for Sol and we are carefully watching for signs of labor. Her temperature dropped this morning, so it could be as early as tonight, but my guess is Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

Each puppy is precious to us and we know how precious they are to their future families. Here are PS's and Sol's x-rays. The first picture is unmarked and the second has the count of each skull. The first two are of PS and the second two are of Sol.

-Sarah (I am JoAn's oldest daughter. I have been helping with EllsWORTH Labradoodles from the beginning. We raise EllsWORTH Labradoodle puppies in Wyoming. Check us out on Instagram @wyodoodles)

PS x-rays

Soleil x-rays


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