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Ell's Greta Spiced Rosemary Ty

                  She's our biggest girl


Australian Labradoodle

Size: Standard

DOB: July 15, 2017

Height: 23"

Weight: 50 lbs


Coat: wavy/curly  fleece

OFA  Prelim- Hips Excellent

Elbows: Good/Normal

CERF Eyes: Clear

DNA: Normal/Clear

EIC - Clear

IC -clear

Registration Number: ALAA- 061840

From Lynn our Guardian:  Greta is “practically perfect in every way” as Mary Poppins would say.  She is smart and playful, but is comfortable lounging in the evenings and content just to belong.  Greta loves activity and to “fetch.”  She runs with my husband and is in excellent shape.  She will bring a tennis ball and drop it at your feet to let you know that she is ready to play at any time.  She loves her stuffed toys.  Amazingly, she has not damaged or chewed on anything but the countless “dog toys” we have provided.  She seems to know what is hers and leaves everything else alone.  Our two young sons adore her.  I trust Greta to be sweet and tolerant, curious and affectionate.  Greta is a lovely mixture of confidence, good judgement, and fun.  Her darling personality makes her a joy to have in our family… We have all fallen in love with her. And we LOVE that she doesn't shed!
Greta in the snow

Greta in the snow



Greta in the snow

Greta in the snow

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