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Why should you get a dog from a breeder that belongs to an organization that has an interest in the dogs that they produce?

I have in my life bought a dog from a backyard breeder, and have gotten a dog from friends. Many people get puppies from shelters, or find a breeder that hasn't done any testing on their dogs, or follow any rules or guide lines of how to raise or produce great puppies. and that is okay. There are wonderful dogs in shelters that need wonderful homes. But if you are paying the "big bucks" May I suggest you do your research and find a breeder that belongs to an organization that promotes the breed to be the best it can, and promotes great care of the dogs.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles are gold paw members of the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) We follow their guide lines and all of our breeding dogs are multigeneration labradoodles that have all had their health testing done before being bred. We also test and look for a well balanced well temperament dog. And almost all of the breeding dogs we produce have had a professional exam and rate their structure. per the guidelines of the ALAA. We want to produce the best of the best.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles are working hard to give each client a great dog that will fit and work well with their families.

Below is from the ALAA and this is all about Ethics in Dog breeding. This is what they require from their members. :

"Ethics in Dog Breeding


The Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations of the ILA/ALAA is the foundation that members agree to for the betterment of the breed.  While these documents do not address every situation that may occur regarding ethics, there is a level of understanding regarding ethical business practices that is fundamental.  These Ethics, at their simplest, are the yardstick by which we all measure the decency of our actions and commitment to each other and our customers.

Credible Breeders Follow Ethical Standards

  Fact:  Breeders who always take the high road in all of their dealings in dogs and their clients rise to the top.

  • Ethical breeders stand behind their dogs 100%. This includes their warranty contracts and guarantees.

  • Ethical breeders run their businesses with integrity, always placing the welfare of the dogs and their clients first.

  • Ethical breeders' commitment to their dogs continues even after the financial transactions are completed.

  • Ethical breeders acknowledge the lifelong responsibility they shoulder towards every dog they help bring into the world.


The public utilizes the ALAA when looking for an ethical breeder.  By being a member, you are associating yourself with our mission,  “Dedicated to protecting the Australian Labradoodle through responsible breeding, education, integrity and love.”

Please remember your reputation is priceless; then lead with your conscience; let ethics and integrity be your guide.  In the end, it’s all about the dogs."


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