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Building a indoor puppy area,

It is too cold to let the puppies stay outside very long, so we built a fun place in the basement for the puppies. But first we had to figure out how to protect the carpet. first we moved the stadium blocks and the couches, then we cover the carpet with film Then ram board.. a partially waterproof strong cardboard. Then we added, rugs, potty boxes, toys, crates, other flooring. Puppies first meal downstairs grand children and puppies don't stop moving! Joy sat still for a picture. Good Girl Noel also sat still for the camera. the other puppies wouldn't slow down, or were asleep. Videos coming. They LOVE running and playing down here! They are doing AMAZING at going only in the potty box. S

First time outside and STAIRS

Hazel watching the puppies learn about stairs Nick and Eve helping each other Willow and Hazel both watched over the puppies That's a big stair! Jack Willow and Jack lunch time... oh it's a picnic, because they are outside.

Hazel's pups 4 weeks old "spa" day

The puppies, were weighed, bathed, had their coats blow dried, and had their nails, clipped and filed. I was just a little surprised how much they all stayed calm and seemed to enjoy the procedures. What a great litter! I am very impressed! I had 3 adults and 5 kids helping with the holding, drying, cuddling. They were all a big help. Great socialization for the puppies too! bath time oh it feels so good! all dry and "fluffy" from the blow dryer nails clipped and filed getting weighed... they won't fit in the bucket much longer " ah rub the other side too" ahhh the life "really, I am going in that? "

20 day old pups Happy New year!

We had a wonderful dog trainer Wendy, with Off leash K-9 training, and Jeffra an amazing photographer and some of their children come to see the puppies. Jeffra took wonderful pictures of some of the puppies. The puppies have been moved into the dining room into a bigger "weaning" box. They have now started the learning to potty in the correct spot stage. The weaning box has a sleeping area and almost the rest of the box is hard wood pellets as there potty area. As they consistantly go in the potty area, we can make the potty area smaller and ad play areas. They are beginning to play with each other, they are trying to run around and use their voices.. This is a super cute time. It is amazi

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