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Questions to Ask Your Breeder before Buying a Puppy

If you are looking for a quality, well-raised puppy you might want to ask some of these questions:

  • What health testing has been done on the parents and grandparents of this litter?

  • How far back do you have proof of pedigree?

  • How and why did you breed these two specific dogs?

  • What was your desired outcome from breeding these two?

  • Do you do Early Neurological Stimulation with the puppies?

  • What is Early Neurological Stimulation and how long they do it?

  • Can they explain why they do Early Neurological Stimulation?

  • Does your breeder let the puppies slip around on newpaper, or on wood or linoleum floors? Puppies really need a good foundation under their belly and legs to help their hips develop properly and learning to walk on newspaper can lead to problems with hip development.

  • When do you start potty training? How do you start potty training?

  • How often are the puppies held and how many people get to see the puppies?

  • What kind of Socialization is done with the puppies?

  • How old do the puppies need to be before they can go home? The youngest they should be is 8 weeks old as earlier is damaging to a puppies mental development and they need more time with their mama and littermates.

  • Do you microchip the puppies?

  • Do the puppies get to see a Vet? Does the Vet give the vaccinations?

  • What other kind of stimulation do the puppies get?

  • Do you start crate training? How long do the puppies usually stay in the crate?

  • What do you do with puppies that don’t go to their new homes at 8 weeks old?

  • How do you pick your breeding stock?

  • Do you do aptitude evaluations? What kind of evaluations and who does the evaluations?

  • What about structure evaluations do you do them or have someone else do them? 


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