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Training Puppies: Sitting and Crate Training

Today I started teaching Maple's puppies to sit. I was amazed how quickly they learn. One handful of puppy food and almost all 8 had figured out if you sit quietly, you will get a piece of dog food. They also spent 2 1/2 hours in the crate. This is their 2nd time in the crate. The first time was for about 20 minutes. This time I left them in the crate and went for a bike ride. So I don't know if there was much crying or not, but when I got home they were all asleep. I woke them up and took them outside. No accidents in the crate! Yippee for such smart pups! I have also started adding carpet squares in the weaning box. None of the puppies are going on the carpet; they potty on the newspaper right where I want them to go. :) I am going to miss these cuties when they start to go to their forever homes in just a few short weeks.

If you are ready for your new family member, fill out an application HERE.

If you have already filled out an application and have been approved and haven't paid your deposit, don't forget to do so soon to secure your adorable labradoodle. (Deposits can be made via Paypal [there is a link underneath puppy application], cash, check, or deposited into our account; just call and talk to me to let me know which works best or if you need any more details.)

Those who have put down their deposits are choosing their top two picks (can be from either litter). Final decisions will be made after temperment testing to ensure the best fit for each family. Decisions for the girls will wait until they have also had their structure testing done which will help us to pick the next future mommas for the EllsWORTH Labradoodle program. (The Moms only have a certain number of litters before they retire, so we often keep one to two females from each litter to replenish our breeding stock.)

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