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At this time we do NOT have any older trained puppies/dogs available, Possibly in the winter or spring of 2023  we might have a few. 

 We are offering a limited number of trained dogs for sale to families looking for a trained pet or someone seeking a service dog with a great foundation. This is a fabulous way to get an exceptional dog.  The puppies that go through this training program have started housebreaking (no accidents at our house, but they would still need to learn that YOUR  house is not the place to potty).  OUR TRAINED LABRADOODLES HAVE STARTED HOUSEBREAKING, ARE CRATE TRAINED, EXTENSIVELY SOCIALIZED TO A VARIETY OF PLACES, PEOPLE, AND EXPERIENCES, AS WELL AS LEARN BASIC OBEDIENCE. WE BELIEVE THE BEST DOG IS ONE WHO IS TRULY A JOY TO LIVE WITH. HAVING REMARKABLE MANNERS NOT ONLY AT HOME, BUT ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO TAKE THEM IN PUBLIC.

The older puppies just recently found their forever homes.  We have a almost 5 month old dog in the beginning stages of training, he is crate trained, can walk well on a leash, will sit, and go down, and  is  still working on doing things with distractions, and duration and distance and recall.

"Mowgli" male
24 lbs 4 months old


If you would like one of these puppies, please fill out the application under the scroll down "purchasing a puppy"  and let us know you are interested in an older trained pup.

  The pros and cons of getting an older puppy: Cons: They aren't as little anymore, a young puppy is super darling! You get to train and bond with them while they are little.  The Pros of getting an older dog:  a lot of the earliest hardest training is already done. They are already sleeping through the night, they are over their first "fear period" they are getting a lot of basic training, they know to look at you, to sit, to walk on a leash they are leaning "touch" and other basic commands.  They like, and are good in their crates, they  have had their vaccination and de-worming. They have been spayed, or neutered, and  a lot of the early expenses of a puppy has already be done. including grooming,  vet visits, training, food, They don't need any more vaccinations until they are a year old)  You get a better idea of how big they will be and what their adult coat might look like.

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