Planned Litters for 2020

 Flora had 8 puppies on Oct. 28th.

 Jemma  had 6 puppies on Halloween. They have their own pages now under  the scroll down "Puppies."

Penny had 7 puppies on November 8th

Hazel  had 6 puppies Also on November 8th. They have their own pages now under  the scroll down "Puppies." under the momma's names

Maui and Morty should have puppies the first week in Dec. 
Maui had an ultrasound on November 3rd. 2020 it looked like 7 or  8 puppies, (but ultrasounds often get the count wrong.)

Here are puppies from their last litter. We expect similar colors, black, brown, apricot and caramel, with puppies growing to about 25-35 lbs or so. 
Greta is our biggest girl at about 50 lbs. She has not gone into heat yet, we expect her  to go into heat some time in Oct.- Nov., but we  have no control over mother nature. so it could be sooner or later. She is sweet as can be. And super fun. We are still deciding on who the sire will be for this her first litter. 


In the spring of 2021 Magic,  Sailor should also have puppies . (Medium's to large Mini's.) We are not sure yet who we will breed them with.