Planned Litters for 2020

Flora  and "Obi"  have honeymooned. Puppies due the last week in Oct.

We expect mostly reds and reds with white markings or apricots, large mini's  or small mediums at about 20 - 30 lbs. 


Flora was born Oct.2nd 2018, She is the daughter of our Penny and  Hale's labradoodles Prince Harry. 

Ell's Lady Flora De la O (Flora)




Obi of Pinelodge Labradoodles – Mini (Stud) ALAA–047177 & WALA–00010254

Obi (Mini Red, 28 lbs) Obi is quirky and fun.  He is obedient and loving!  Our home wouldn’t be the same without him!   He is a RARE mini red Australian labradoodle. He carries the rufus gene, which he gives to many of his puppies…darkening coats as they get older. Thank you Heidi from Pinelodge Labradoodles…Obi has been such a valuable asset in giving you the best puppies ever!


Jemma and Sweet Maple labradoodles "Bear"  have honeymooned. Puppies due the the last week in Oct. We expect puppies in the 20 to 25 lb range and light apricot to reds in color.


Sweet Maples Copper’s Bear – Mini WALA–00008547

(20lbs) Bear has perfect genetics and a perfect temperament, just ask his guardian home…he can do NO wrong, he also tested for Excellent Hips! Imagine that! He is a mellow fellow who loves to please!  His one bad habit was when he was a puppy he carried around a blanket he sucked on…like Linus in Charlie Brown.  Luckily he has grown out of that!


Penny  weighs about 25 lbs.  This will probably be her last litter.  She is the happiest girl and so great with her human 2 sisters.  Her guardian's just bought a new home, and Penny is loving the big yard to play in!

Morty: long hair and shaved!
This is their litter from 2019, we assume we wiill get colors about the same, with adult weights about 20-30 lbs. Puppies should be born the 2nd week in Nov.2020
Genetically we expect 1/3 chocolate, and the rest chocolate/white parti like Hazel. Ranging in sizes of about 30-45 lbs.  Although Jack has produced puppies that grew only to 20 lbs, he also had other's that grew to 50 lbs. So size is hard to know with this litter, since it is Hazel's first litter. 
She has not gone into heat yet, we expect her to really soon, but have no control over mother nature.
Here are puppies from their last litter. We expect similar colors, black, brown, apricot and caramel, with puppies growing to about 25-30 lbs or so. 
Greta is our biggest girl at about 50 lbs. She has not gone into heat yet, we expect her  to go into heat some time in Oct.- Nov., but we  have no control over mother nature. so it could be sooner or later. She is sweet as can be. And super fun. We are still deciding on who the sire will be for this her first litter.