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Valentines Puppies Coming Soon!

PS I Love You and Soleil are both expecting multigeneration Australian labradoodle puppies just before Valentine's Day. They live in Wyoming with my daughter, Sarah, and her family. These two sisters are going to be excellent moms. This is Sol's second litter and this litter has the same father (Morty) as her first litter. Their first litter had black, chocolate, black phantom and brown phantom puppies. Most of the black puppies turned silver as they grew up which is one of the coolest coat colors in our opinion. These puppies should be medium in size and weigh around 20-30 pounds as adults. Sol has the most happy attitude. She is almost always smiling and is playful and a master fetcher.

This is PS's first litter. This could be a rainbow litter with caramel, chocolate and black puppies. These puppies should be mini to medium in size and weigh around 15-25 pounds as adults. PS is one of our calmest dogs. She is a frequent visitor at the high school and will sneak into any unoccupied lap she can find.

As Sarah has five kids from 5 to 14 years old, these puppies will be very comfortable with children and will be very used to a noisy home. She likes to take the puppies in to visit the elementary school and the local nursing home. These puppies will be very well socialized. We are currently accepting reservations for both of these litters. Stay tuned for lots of pictures when these cute puppies arrive.


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