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Lilly's puppies

I have not been doing these blog posts, because I haven't been tech savvy enough to add pictures where I wanted them. But I have decided I should just add a little note of what's happening to go along with the website individual puppy and group puppy pictures.

Lilly's puppies are fat and happy. We have 3 that are just over 2 lbs, and 3 that are just over 1 lbs. It will be interesting to see if the weights stay this way, or if some of the littler ones will overpass the big ones. I think it is interesting also that birth order and weight have nothing to do with when the puppies eyes open. Elvis was 4th born of 6 puppies and at 16 days his are yet to open. (most of them were barely open on the 15th day).Lilly is a great Mom, she cleans up after them well and is very attentive. Good job Sunshine Lilly!

Yesterday I took two puppies to meet their new families. It is such a fun time to watch them meet and instantly fall in love. It is always a little hard to say goodbye to these puppies (wait who am I kidding, it always means less poop for me to clean up when the puppies go home!) It really makes me happy when i feel that these puppies are going to be well loved and taken care of.

Chili who is one of Hazel's puppies was picked to become a "Good Dog Autism companion dog" Amy Jensen is one of the puppy trainers for this program based out of CA. She will have the puppy for about 18 months and then it will move to CA and finish his training and meet his new family to become a service dog. We will follow along with his training. Amy is also a trainer and owner of an on line training company called Baxter and Bella, she has graciously given us a 25% off code for her entire line of services. The code is ELLSWORTH.

Amy came and met both Hazel and Ty and then did a bunch of little "tests' to pick her puppy, (put on the service jacket, chase a toy, hear a loud noise, follow a treat, go from sit to lay down, etc.) She had a hard time picking between Chili and Pepper... She really wanted to take them both, but can only train one puppy at a time. She went with Chili which means that Pepper is still available. He could make a wonderful service dog. I hope the right family finds him soon!

EllsWORTH Labradoodles, doodles WORTH adoring!


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