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Wow lots of puppies.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles, have lots of doodles WORTH adoring! Maple's puppies are two weeks old. They have their eyes open and are starting to get up on all fours. Stomachs off the ground. They are super cute. I hired a 9 year old puppy crazy neighbor to come and help me do the early neuro stimulation and the early scent introduction. There are many articles about the benefits of doing this here is one:

The puppies didn't seem to mind it much, although being put upside down is a little tough. We like giving our puppies a head start, and an ability to solve problems and be well rounded and smart. We let the puppies smell a variety of items including, Marshmellows,fingernail polish, vinegar, mexican spices, cinnamon, honey, soap, a rose, orange juice, pine trees, leather, pinecones, dirt, and a cockatiel feather,

Maple has 3 cute apricot boys, since these puppies were born just a few hours before Valentines' day. We used this holiday for naming... The boys are

Blue collar-Heart, Red collar-Cupid, Green collar; Arrow. For the girls we have 2 blacks, One is called "Love" ( I love her white splashed toes) she has a purple collar, The other is all black and she has a white color and we call her "Candy". And 2 "parti girls. One has a pink collar and is called Rose, She has the most apricot spots on her white body. The other girl is "Valenitne" she has a teal collar and has more white and just a few spots of apricot. The are all darling. Maple is a great Mom she is very attentive, and is proud of her sleeping chunky puppies.

Willow's Puppies are 8 weeks old today. They has their Structure evalutated by Kyle Heneffer from "Paws 4 Thought" in Hooper Utah. He does an amazing job. It is well worth the drive and expensive to have him evaluate my litters. I learn so much. Willow's puppies scored very high, All dogs have faults and good parts, and we try to breed out the bad faults and keep the good parts. Willows puppies all sort of had boxy muzzles's a little short,... more like a cockapoo. That was the biggest fault he saw. But he thought the whole litter was great. Well behaved and super cute, Really good "wheels"- put together right, good fronts, great rears, the top line okay with the tail just set a little high. .... Interesting stuff huh!

They all start going home this week. We might have one boy still available.

Hazel's litter should have all gone home by now. But one of the guadian's I had lined up, is no longer able to have a puppy. So I still have a female ( Holly) and a boy (Coal) looking for guardian homes. I also am looking for forever homes for Joy, Nick and Eve. I am surprised that my standards are still here. I love the bigger dog and have waited so long to finally have a standard litter... and then most everyone is wanting smaller... go figure. They are learning to sit, are doing great at crate training. They are having a blast running and playing and wrestlig with each other. They are super sweet and the families that pick them will be truly blessed! As the weather gets warmer, they will start leash work and go for walks too.

Yes my hands are full, with caring for 18 puppies and 3 adult dogs. spending time taking pictures, and working on my website ... and being a wife and mother, a bike rider and book reader. I am trying hard to "do it all" ! We wouldn't want it any other way. We love doodles!

( Well I would love to find great homes for each and everyone of these darlings!)

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