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Ruby's pups are 8 weeks old.

This has been a very busy week for me. Ruby's pups were 8 weeks old on Sept.18th. We are planning on taking them to Roy on the 21st. For their structure evaluation. I tried stacking them and taking pictures of them, but I wasn't very successful at getting great pictures, or getting them to stand and stack.... with puppies it is all about the timing, if they are too full, too tired, want to play; well that all makes a difference on how well I can take pictures. George came with us to Sandy on Sat. to a family reunion. He had a blast, he was loved by many and had a great grassy area to explore and a beautiful Husky to play with. He also got to meet his hopeful new family and their labrador Duke. We also got to say Hi to Maple and to Angus,since they both came to the family reunion too! 6 of Maple's puppies went to their new homes last week. This coming week we will decide who we keep, and say a sad farewell to most of Ruby's puppies. What a week! The puppies are having fun playing in the Autumn wind and cooler temperatures,

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