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Structure Evaluation Complete

Maple's puppies had their structure evaluated by Kyle Hennefer from Paws 4 Thought. He is a groomer, handler, and trainer and has been doing this for over 10 years. He stated that this litter is some of the best he has seen. They stood well for him and had great structure. He scoreds dogs on a point system between one and five with five being the best, a show average is 3. He explained that he has never given a 5, only up to a 4+. All of the puppies scored in the 3 to 4 range, with MG scoring a 4+ for his back half. He said that if he was showing a dog that he would show MG. He was impressed with the puppies disposition and how they carried themselves. I will be putting a video of one of the evaluation online so that you can see what a structure evaluation entails. We are impressed with this litter. Only 2 are boys left from this litter. If you want one of these puppies, get your deposit (or full payment) in ASAP, they are going quick. Maple's puppies are ready to come home!

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