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Puppy LOVE

It is amazing how busy the last few days have been, with a friends wedding, my husband having 2 days of surgery( nothing to worry about, and he is healing well) my son't birthday, and puppies beautiful busy poopie puppies! When it rains it pours. Sat. I had 2 people on the phone,( cell and home) at the same time, and a family come to visit all wanting puppies! I am so exicted to get to have the puppies looked at by a professional dog handler. I will decide on Tues. Which puppy I will keep. I have found a place that can do the early spay and neuter for me, so if you are interested in having that done before you pick up your puppy let me know.

I couldn't resisit these group pictures of the sleeping puppies, and the 8 in the crate. I am loving both of these litters. I can hardly believe Maple's are about ready to go to their new homes. I am so excited for them and for their families.

All 15 can you count them all?

Maple's 8

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