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What's new with EllsWORTH Labradoodles...

Lilly and Morty's last 2 puppies had their 3rd set of vaccinations done today. Cinder has been at a friends house learning about house training, It was so fun to have her come back today and play with Mickey! They both had a blast! They both love water, and love to play in the water bowl. Funny that I have a wading pool full at one end of the large outside kennel, they ignore it and play in the drinking one. Silly puppies. Mickey has always had the softest coat of the litter, it is thick and so so soft. He has great structure, a beautiful boy. He has had a vasectomy, dew claws removed, current on his shots. been on a leash a little bit. He is playful and funny and LOVES people. I am shocked he is still available. (I really thought he would have been the first one picked.) Cinderella is petite and playful, she doesn't care that she is the littlest. She is a go-gettter! She is a little "mouthy" and wants to be in charge, so would be good with a family that has had dogs before or has a trainer lined up. We are wanting to keep her in our breeding program so she is ready for a guardian home. There are some great benefits of having a guardian dog. There is still two 4 month old standard black puppies from Gabby and Watson's litter. They are so smart and sweet.

Above is Gabby's puppy "Magic"



Cinderella and Mickey playing tag




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