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10 puppies together

With Ruby being pretty much done nursing, she went back to her wonderful guardian home yesterday. We will miss her! Her four puppies moved in with Tilly's puppies. The 10 puppies all together are just a big, adorable fluff pile. They are playing well, eating well and getting noisy. This is the busiest and most fun time for us. We are continuing training and will start the work on sitting soon. We will continue having people over to socialize with them, and having the puppies explore new surfaces, sounds, smells, and places. They will go to the Vet's next week for their first round of puppy vaccinations, and then the following week to do the "aptitude" evaluations. They grow up and change so fast. It is so fun to watch as they explore and figure out how to play together. Holly my 4 month old I kept from Hazel and Charlie’s litter is a big girl (over 30 lbs) and she is so gentle and sweet with them. Little “Love (11 weeks old) that isn’t yet 11 lbs. thinks that they are all chew toys. It won’t be long when all 10 will turn the tables and start chasing her around.

Even though I miss her like crazy, I am glad that Eve went to her forever home yesterday. She found her forever home with a family that bought a dog from us 4 years ago. So they now have 2 of our labradoodles! Lucky dogs!

Why isn't anyone sleeping in the bed? There are 10 puppies in the picture

Using the potty box Good puppy! Notice Saddie asleep. she is our very first labradoodle,

Spring, Peeps and Bud watching me from the potty box

Can you count all 10 puppies?

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