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So So Many puppies!

Today is March 23rd. The last of our spring puppies were born this morning. Matilda ( Tilly) is a first time mom. She had 6 lovely puppies, 3 boys, and 3 girls, all in the "cream range" from chalk to golden apricot. (It looks to me like the lighter ones may turn in to "parti"s" where they have spots of darker apricot). Time will tell.

Ruby also had her puppies on the first day of Spring... Sunday March 20th. She had 5 puppies ... a rainbow litter with blacks, a chocolate, one parti, and one apricot.

All the moms are doing well. Puppies are growing, eating and sleeping.

Maple's puppies will be 6 weeks old on Saturday. They are getting so big, they are eating food, playing outside, crying and barking and running around. Maple's puppies have always been stunning. We are loving these silly puppies too.

I have one standard black girl Eve, from Hazel's litter. She was born in Dec. She is a love bug, she loves to cuddle; she wants to be a lap puppy. We are still looking for her forever home.

This is the first time I have had so many puppies at the same time. It is a bit exhausting; good thing they are so cute. I doubt I will have this many at the same time again for a while.

I have decided to let my beautiful Willow move to Maryland to help another labradoodle breeder start this journey. I am sort of sad we decided to let her go, she has become such a part of the family. But she will have a darling family with 2 great kids to play with. She is such a peacemaker with all our breeding dogs that come to have their puppies here. Willow and our very first labraoodle Saddie are our only dogs that live here full time. I am having a tough time with this decision. Sometimes it really is a "hard" business... eveytime a puppy leaves it's a little sad... but then I think of the joy that that puppy will bring.

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