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Amy has a guardian home. All puppies are with their forever homes.

Amy went to her guardian home yesterday and we are so excited for her and the young family she is joining.

We will be looking for Guardian homes for one to two puppies from each of our upcoming litters. Hazel's puppy will be standard sized (around 21-23 inches tall and in the 45-50 lb range for weight, ready to go home around Valentine's Day). We hope to keep a male and maybe a female from Hazel's litter . Willow's puppy will be mini to medium sized (around 16.5-18 inches tall and in the 25-30lb range for weight, ready to go home in March). We hope to keep a female from this litter (and maybe a male to trade with another breeder).

As PICKS OF THE LITTER the puppies that go to guardian homes are the best that we have. Each of these amazing puppies that are retained for guardianship will be entering our breeding program upon growing up and completing the extensive health testing we require for each of our breeding dogs. As each dog is raised as a family member, not all of the dogs live with us, but have their own homes with their guardians. There is more below about the benefits and challenges associated with being a guardian. If you are interested in being a guardian for one of our future picks of the litter, then, give me a call!

JoAn 801-754-4279

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