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Would you like an older trained puppy. Bounty was born the end of Sept. and is well on his way to being an amazing dog. Look for the link for older trained puppies to see more about him. 

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Australian multigeneration labradoodles


We are so honored to have been awarded the Best of Provo: Dog Breeder Award. We love our dogs and only want the very best for them! Thank you Provo for the recognition.

There are a host of links under the "Purchasing a Puppy" tab that should answer most of your questions about purchasing a puppy from EllsWORTH Labradoodles. 

You can see a lot of our dog/puppy videos on my Youtube channel:


and on my Facebook page: 

EllsWORTH Labradoodles, Doodles WORTH adoring

My purchase of a WELL-BRED  dog did not sentence another dog to death.

My purchase of a well-bred  dog did not cause an increase in the number of dogs in kennels.

I wanting a dog with a predictable temperament from a healthy lineage did not cause the loss of adoption of another dog.

My meticulous research and support for only the most responsible of breeders is not the problem. That's not what you should be mad about. That's not what you should be blaming.

I am not the one who irresponsibly gave birth to these dogs and left them in a shelter. Responsible breeders are not the ones who put dogs in kennels.

It is my home, my life. It's my choice of what kind of dog to bring in. Maybe I needed a working dog, a sport dog, or just a companion puppy of a breed I like. No matter the reason, my choice to support a reputable breeder didn't put a dog in the kennel to death.

A breeder who tests health, tests temperament, studies pedigree, participates in current education of the best ways to raise puppies and continues to improve and love each and every dog, demonstrates that a dog worthy of being bred, and only when it does is beneficial to the breed does it not contribute to the number of dogs. homeless.

The number of homeless dogs in the world is an issue, but it is not an issue exacerbated by reputable breeders and those who buy from them.

Your neighbor on the street who refuses to contain his (moreover un-neutered) dogs IS contributing to the problem.

Your friend who bought a dog at a pet store IS contributing to the problem.

That guy on online merchants who sells cheap pedigree dogs IS contributing to the problem.

Your relative who simply MUST let her dog have a litter "to be able to experience motherhood ′ ′ or because ′ ′ she is just super sweet ′ ′ IS contributing to the problem.

Your old high school classmate who bought a high-energy breed (without taking the time to inquire about what dog he is actually buying) and notices it wasn't right for him, IS contributing to the problem.

A reputable breeder offers their support throughout their life. A reputable breeder would never allow their dogs to end up in a kennel, for starters. A reputable breeder has a contractual obligation to return the dogs they have produced to them if you are unable to keep them.

It is understandable to be angry about the number of homeless dogs in the world, but if you look deeper, you will find that your anger towards responsible breeders is out of place.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles, LLC            Doodles WORTH adoring!

JoAn Ellsworth, Owner

Provo, Utah

 cell 480-329-3025

With a location in Wyoming:


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