Luna and Jack's Puppies

Luna's litter were raised in Evanston, WY with our daughter Sarah and her family. She has been helping with puppies since the beginning. She has a Facebook page specifically for Ellsworth Labradoodle puppies raised in Wyoming.  For information on this litter, please text or call Sarah at 307-288-0080.

Midnight  (Female)

Her favorite thing to do is cuddle and love on her people. She is completely focused on giving unconditional love to her family. She wants nothing more than to be at her family's side. She is gentle and submissive. She knows that she is not the leader of the pack and is happy to follow. She is perfect with little children and enjoys "playing" with the baby. She is doing well at walking on a leash, even with a stroller, another dog and a group of kids. She has learned "sit" (really good), "down" (good), "wait" (good), "come" (very good), "off" (still learning) and "leave it" (still learning). She is learning to use a bell to go outside to potty, but like all puppies, she has work to do. She did successfully ring the bell to go out without any prompting, so getting better each day. Her coat is soft and silky. She does not shed.





Born 5/30/2019

These beautiful puppies were born in the middle of the night and their temporary names reflect their birth time. The puppies are expected to be in the 25-40 pound range. The coats are fleece and should be hypoallergenic and non-shedding just like their parents. This litter shows quite the variety in the chocolate hue from solid chocolate to tuxedo to phantom to parti. These are truly adorable puppies. Our last little girls left is the darling Midnight.

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