Lilly's puppies

This litter has all been spoken for, the puppies have all found their new homes! 

Father Obi

Mother Lilly

Ell's Sunshine Lilly

Born 10/15/2019! Ready to go home 12/14/2016.

Dad of this litter is from Sweet Maple labradoodles this is what they say about him: 

Obi of Pinelodge Labradoodles – Mini (Stud) ALAA-047177

(28 lbs) Obi is quirky and fun.  He is obedient and loving!  Our home wouldn’t be the same without him!  He is 28 lbs. He is a RARE mini red Australian labradoodle. He carries the rufus gene, which he gives to many of his puppies…darkening coats as they get older. Thank you Heidi from Pinelodge Labradoodles…Obi has been such a valuable asset in giving you the best puppies ever!

Lilly is one of Willow and Togi's puppies. She was born on 1/2/16. She has grown taller than we expected and is a  larger medium she is about 19 inches tall and is about 32 lbs.Lily is a complete doll and cuddle bug.She lives in a wonderful guardian home with 3 kids, a school teacher dad, and a substitute teacher Mom, she also lives with 3 cats, and Boomer the Pug.  She LOVES to play catch, she can jump really high! She loves cuddles and playing. 

Registration Number: ALAA-048647

Australian Labradoodle

Size:  medium

DOB: 1/2/2016

Height:  19 inches

Weight: 32lbs

Color: caramel ice

Coat: Wavy fleece

OFA Hips and Elbows:Penn-hip in the 90%

CERF Eyes: normal

DNA: normal for EIC,

PRA-prcd,and VWD. She has been DNA profiled.


For those picking up on Dec. 14th. We will include a"snuggle puppy" ($30 value) for free

Nov. 19th, The puppies are 5 weeks old.Lilly is starting to wean them, they have a bigger box with potty area's and play and sleep areas. They are enjoying  playing outside too! They still want to nurse and Lilly is still feeding them, but they are starting to come when I call, and they like being held and cuddles! They seem very smart and happy puppies! The have seen a mirror, and walked on cement, grass, artificial grass,  blankets, toys,  the potty area has grates over wood pellets and they are figuring out that area too! They are starting to chase each other, and wrestle.

Individual Photos

Lilly's guardian family decided on a "soda pop" theme for naming of this litter.  So here are are the delicious Soda-licious puppies:

"Squirt" yellow collar girl


"Pepsi"  blue collar boy


"Big Red" red collar  boy


"Nehi" purple collar girl


"Sprite"  green collar boy


"Fanta" pink collar girl


"Crush"   Orange collar boy


Puppy Allocation

Puppies are allocated in the order of deposit received. Questions regarding the non-refundable deposit? Please see the deposits and puppy allocation list page.


Deposits received:

Lilly's litter

1. stud owner pick of the litter

2. Breeders choice ( I will decide By Dec 11th if I keep one)

3. Julie and Bob

4. Ashley Evans

5. Elizabeth T.

6.Amy Bench (or maybe move to Ren's litter)

7.Russell  Jones

EllsWORTH Labradoodles. Doodles WORTH adoring!