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Aptitude Results: Greta's and Freddy's June  Puppies

The best scores for a family pet and the easiest to train is a puppy that scores 3's and 4's on most of the tests. Just a reminder, this is only a little window into a puppy's life. Just as a toddler is often moody and naughty or cries when they are tired or hungry, the same is true with puppies. So this is definitely NOT an exact science, but it is a tool that helps me see how the puppy will do in a strange place, with a stranger, and this helps me know what the puppy MAY be like, and also what the puppy might need work on. For example if the puppy is very shy and hesitant, we know that it might need more cuddles, more socialization, and more opportunities to build confidence. So don't worry to much that the puppy you might like might not have the exact evaluation that you would want.

Under the picture of each puppy is a link for the paper copy of his/her individual results.

These "Volhard" evaluations were done on August 15th the puppies were 7 weeks 1 day old. This is a great litter, there were a few that were sleepy, and a few that didn't feel like working. But this litter as a whole didn't startle easily, and all of them were pretty confident. They need more time alone; without their littermates , and then I think they will all be amazing!  There were differences in puppies, they each have their own personalities.  Talk to me if you have questions!

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