Sky's Puppies

Born 1/10/2018! Ready to go home 3/10/2018.

Father: Jack


Mother: Sky 


Rose is the only one still available, pick her quick She is such a smart, silly girl. 

Sky is a small medium sized labradoodle, she weighs about 28 lbs  and is about 17 inches at the withers. She is a beautiful apricot with a little bit of white on her chin. She is one of our smallest girls.

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Jack is the daddy of this litter. He is a chocolate/tan phantom. Jack is also a medium labradoodle, although he is stockier and a little taller than Sky. At 19 inches tall and about 30 lbs

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Individual Photos: 

Because Sky's guardian family are huge Star Wars fans (in fact the dad has the whole Darth Vader set up and does parades and shows) Their short term name will be  Star Wars names!

This litter did not have their dew claws removed

"Padme" Yellow color     female

Found her home with the Hollingsworth's

  "Rose"    pink colar      Female

"Amidala"  light purple female

Found her home with the Eagle's 

  "Yoda"  light green            Male

Found his home with the Meehan's

  "Ahsoka" light blue collar   female

Found her home with the Steel's 

  "Han"     Blue color          Male

moving to Tucson AZ

"Finn"  Chocolate/white  parti     Male

"Chewie" Red collar,     Male

6 weeks old the puppies went to the vet's and had a great checkup, everyone looks great, they all sound and look good and were given their first set of vaccinations. I didn't get everyone's pictures at the Vet's because I was helping weigh each puppy.  Aptitude evaluations will be on the 28th. and I might not do pictures at 7 weeks, instead will be video taping the evaluations. They sure are cute. Half of them have figured out how to go through the doggy door, these puppies are smart and quick.

(oops with the missed updates :( )  Puppies are almost 5 weeks old now, I got busy and forgot to update on these cutie-pies. On Feb. 11th we moved them to the larger weaning box, the puppies are eating puppy (mush) really well, they are not going potty where they sleep, but still think everywhere else is ok, we are working on that. They are getting more outside time (guess it is good for them Utah is in a drought; it has been a very warm winter) They mostly come when I call. We are getting more visitors to come and hold and play with the puppies. They are getting brave and are  enjoying playing with the older puppies. (supervised play since the older ones can get a little rough) They are super cute and funny too!

Two week old  update: Some of the puppies eyes are all open, some are just partially open. This week they will all have their ears and eyes open. They will start moving around more and not just eat and sleep. They are just beginning to make noise.  They are as sweet as can be. 

One week old update: Sky's puppies are doing great! She spends a lot of time with them, and they are fat and healthy, they seem so little just 2 weeks younger than  Holly's puppies. They have nice shiny healthy coats and everyone is very close to the same size. Sky is an amazing mama!

Puppy Allocation

Puppies are allocated in the order of deposit received. Questions regarding the non-refundable deposit? Please see the deposits and puppy allocation list page.


Deposits received:

Sky's litter

1. Breeders choice  Chewie, or Finn?

2.Jodi  Eagle  picked Amidala

3.Marin S.  picked Ahsoka

4.Meehan  picked Yoda






We always reserve the right to hold back one or two breeding dogs per litter, but often do not, therefore we will take Breeder cancellation reservations and deposits (refundable if a puppy does not become available.)



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