Ren and Ollie's puppies

Father Ollie

Camden Lanes Labradoodles:

Shadow Mountain's Oympus "Ollie"

He has the best temperament, calm and patient with everyone.  He has a beautifully rich Caramel fleece coat.  And eyes, that tell you that this one has a special soul.  He is a show stopper wherever he goes.  We are excited for him to be part of our breeding program and thank Shadow Mountain for raising such a great dog.  

Ollie is 36 lbs. 
OFA prelim hips: Good
OFA elbows: Negative for dysplasia L and R
OFA eyes: clear/normal

Normal Cardiac and Patella

Penn Hip 90%: Rt DI=.43, Lt DI=.41

Clear Genetic Panel from Embark

WALA Registration #: WALA00015229

Mother Ren

Ell's Lady Scarlett Ren

 From Nicole our guardian: Our Baby Girl Ren Loves to snuggle and play!  She is the first to welcome us home with hugs and if you let her kisses!  Our family is always on the go and Ren is happy to come along on all the adventures! We enjoy the soccer field, the park, car rides and every walk we can fit into our schedules!  Our sweet dog LOVES every person and every animal. We are always being approached with a "can I pet your dog" and Ren adores the attention!  This soft and fluffy teddy bear is calm, sensitive & intuitive. She knows when someone is having a bad day or doesn't feel well! She knows how to tease and make you laugh! She knows how to behave but can get a little naughty! We are lucky to have such a beautiful & smart addition to our family!

Born 4 June 2017

dam- Holly, sire- King Louie

OFA prelims- hips good, elbows-normal, CERF -normal.

EIC- clear, DNA profile -on record about 42 lbs.

Born 12/09/2019 Ready to go home now!

Only Vixen is available for our guardian family. All other puppies have found their forever families

Ren is being a wonderful mother, she is very attentive. The puppies are wonderful and beautiful. They are all gaining well and are very close to the same  weight. 

Jan. 27, 2020 puppies are 7 weeks old. They are so smart and sweet, I was pleasantly surprised how well they all did on their aptitude evaluation.  they did great in the car going  to and from  Evanston (an almost 2 hour trip one way), they are having a few hours 2 or 3 times  a day sleeping in the crate.  Soon we will let them try through the night. They are sensitive, inquisitive, and really like people.  They love to run and play and explore. They bring me so much joy!

Feb.11 2020 the puppies are doing so well, I took the 9 week pictures a day late, and after they had a big lunch, so they all gained a lot for this weigh in. Dancer is gone to a trainer before going to his forever home and is now called Arrow. Puppies have had vasectomies, and are learning to sit for treats. They are sleeping through the night and have only had 2 accidents, they are ready to go home now. Both Cupid and Dasher will make great family pets, they are super sweet and smart. This has been one of my favorite litters. they have been so easy, quiet in the crate. playful and gentle.  They take after their sweet mama. 

Individual Photos

We have decided to name the puppies after Santa's  Reindeer

" Cupid"  Yellow Boy


  Cupid is super smart, and patient. He will calmly wait, sitting for me to hand feed him a piece of dog food. He, Prancer, and Comet were the best at this. They would wait and wait, while I took turns feeding each puppy.  He has a great stocky build and is super sweet. I am amazed that he wasn't the first puppy picked. Such a handsome wonderful pup.

"Dasher"  Dark green boy


Dasher is a little smaller than Comet, and is not as brave. He sort of holds back and watches things, before he jumps in . He had one eye that seemed to tear more that the other, and at his 7 week vet visit when he got his first set of vaccinations. The vet diagnosed him with a little entropion (his bottom eyelid turned in and was rubbing on his eye). At his vasectomy appointment the next week, while he was under anesthesia, the vet put a little stitch to hold his eyelid in place.  It has worked wonders, he is more outgoing, eating more, is more playful, and his eye dosen't water anymore. Because of this he has a small chance of having to have another little surgery on his eyelid when he is an adult.  So I will either take $500. at the beginning, or add to the contract that I will pay for the surgery if he needs it at a later date. (your choice: $500 off now, or free possible eye lid surgery later.)

 "Vixen" Purple Girl


Vixen is a lot like her mama. She is a little bit hesitant with new things, loves to cuddle up, and tuck her head into your armpit or  shoulder She loves to be held, loves to play, is gentle and sweet!  I was pleasantly surprised how well she did on the aptitude evaluations. She is willing to work, is sensitive and was much braver that I expected.  

 "Dancer" Lime green boy


"Prancer" Pink  girl


" Blitzen"     Blue boy

 "Donnor"  Red boy


 "Comet" Orange  boy


EllsWORTH Labradoodles. Doodles WORTH adoring!