Penny's Puppies

Father "Morty"

Mother " Penny"

Born June 23, 2019! Ready to go home NOW

Morty is about 39 lbs, and about 17-18 inches at the shoulder, He is my son's dog and is a lovebug sweet gentle boy with a wonderful fleece coat.   Penny weighs about 26-28 lbs. and is about 16-17 inches tall. She has a wonderful fleece coat and is stopped everywhere she goes because of her beautiful eyes and sweet personality. She lives in a guardian family with 2 sweet pre-school girls and their parents. These puppies will be small mediums and should have wonderful personalities like their parents. We are so excited for this litter!

Individual Photos

Since we have 1 boy and 7 girls we decided on the "7 brides for 7 brothers" theme. This is a very old musical movie (one of my daughter's favorites)

"Millie" Red collar  girl


Jan. 24, 2020, She was so good for the groomers this morning. She is doing great at house training.She has a shorter coat now and you can see her caramel ticking all along her back.  She is so super soft! Her coat doesn't shed. She is the most cuddly girl, she loves people so much. We are still working on her not jumping on people, which is sort of hard, since she never jumps on me.  We love this darling girl.

Jan. 12, 2020:  Millie has become such a great dog. She so LOVES people. She is playful, but can settle down well. She is doing great at house training, and is getting a lot more freedom in the house, She rarely submissive urinates anymore, but occasionally still has excitable urination, (esp when she see the leash and knows she gets to go somewhere) But she is getting much better with that too. Her only negative things are: she likes to dig and she is nervous of new things. She likes other dogs and is almost too friendly with them. We are going to miss her a lot when she fines her forever family! Who ever gets her will be lucky in deed!!

Nov. 11th 2019, Dorcas and Millie are learning so much. Millie is a little bit more shy and reserved than Dorcas, but she is getting braver. They are loving their car rides, and walks, and meeting cats, and other dogs and gaining confidence. They are both ready to find their forever homes.  They just want to be loved! 

"Dorcas"  Purple collar girl

Oct. 23, 2019 We Still have Millie, she is an extreme caramel parti with just a little patch of caramel. She is bossy and silly and loves to please. and we have Dorcas,and extreme parti apricot, this dog didn't get the best name of the bunch from the seven brides movies, but she sure got the personality! She and Millie work as a team to untie shoe laces. They love people and are learning some impulse control, to sit for treats and other beginning training.  We have hired some dog walkers for these puppies, so they have been to petsmart, and the park and lots of new places, and are getting a lot of socialization. They are totally awesome!

"Liza"  Pink collar girl



"Alice" orange collar   girl


"Sarah"  girl

"Martha"     girl



"Adam"  Blue collar boy


"Ruth"    girl


Puppies are ready to go home now, pick yours quick!

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