Maui and Morty's Puppies

Father Morty

Mother Maui

Australian Labradoodle

Size: medium

DOB: Feb. 28, 2017

Height: 17-18 inches

Weight: 30 lbs

Color:  light apricot with white markings

Coat: Wavy fleece

OFA Hips :good, 

Elbows : normal

CERF Eyes: normal

DNA:Clear by parentage for VWD, PRA-prcd, EIC,

Registration Number: ALAA-063105


Australian Labradoodle


DOB: June 8,2017

Height: 17 inches at the shoulders

Weight: 33 lbs

Color: Chocolate

Coat: fleece

OFA- prelim- Hips -fair 

Elbows: normal

CERF Eyes: clear 

DNA:clear by parentage- for VWD, PRA-prcd 

Registration Number: ALAA-061476


Born March 25, 2020  Ready to go home May 22,2020

For those picking up on by May 25th, we will include a"snuggle puppy" ($30 value) for free.  We may NOT be able to accommodate late pick ups.

Maui lives in a guardian home where she is loved by 4 kids, and goes running with her "mom" and loved and trained by her "dad", This is Maui's 1st litter. 

Morty is my son's dog, and lives with us here, he is a goofy, fun loving dog. He is great with all the guardian dogs that come to visit, And is loved by all of us. 

We were a little surprised that we got 2" bonus" pups, since the vet thought there were 8 from looking at the x-ray. Maui took a long time in the first stages of labor, I was getting worried that it was taking so long, but  then wow once she started having them, it went very quick. She is settling in nicely, and is a great mama! 

Individual Photos

Their short term theme for the names of this litter (until their families pick their forever names) Is Candy bar/Candy names-  thanks for the idea from Maui's guardian's the Nielsen family.

Pink girl   (Tootsie Roll)

 Green  boy (Sour Patch)

light blue girl (Smarties)

Purple girl (Skittles)

Gray boy (3 Musketeers)

Blue Boy (Heath bar)

Yellow girl (Butterfingers)

Orange  boy (Reese's)

 light Green boy (Junior Mints)

Red boy (Twizzler)

Puppies have had a great first week. We took them to the vet along with Maui for a quick check up, and removed the puppies dew claws. Everyone is growing and is healthy. They will move to a bigger box this week. It is so great to have puppies in the house again! They are so darling!

Puppy Allocation

Puppies are allocated in the order of deposit received. Questions regarding the non-refundable deposit? Please see the deposits and puppy allocation list page.


Deposits received:

1.  Breeder's choice

2  Breeder's choice

3. Robert and Marianne

4. Ryley and Mandi

5. Shari Wilson

6. Craig Owens





11. possible if I don't keep a breeder's choice- (These deposits can be returned if I keep a puppy,) 

12 possible if I don't keep a breeder's choice

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