Holly's Puppies

Born 06/04/2017 Ready to go home Aug. 1st





Individual Photos

Because Holly's guardian is from Canada, and because she went all the way to Canada to find the perfect sire. We named the puppies short term names connected to Canada

Holly is a standard size Australian labradoodle. She is as sweet as can be. She is calm and gentle. She hardly ever barks, she loves her hikes up the canyon almost everyday in Bountiful Utah. She is playful and funny and loves to cuddle too. What a great girl! Click HERE to visit Holly's page.

We took Holly all the way to Canada to find the perfect boy for her. Ashford Manor's as King Louie and Holly got a long great. You can see more pictures of him at:   http://www.bigrocklabradoodles.com/boys

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 Bout (out an about) (blue collar) Male


  Nanaimo (Yellow collar) female             

available for approved breeding program

 Victoria- now called Luna   female


  Winnipeg now called Scarlett Ren)       

my future breeder

  Zed  moved to Alaska           male


Charlotte  (now called Luna)   female


 Chinook now called Harper female


Puppy Allocation

Puppies are allocated in the order of deposit received. Questions regarding the non-refundable deposit? Please see the deposits and puppy allocation list page.


Deposits received:

1. Breeder's choice -Winnipeg

2. Breeder's choice- Nanaimo

3. Mary Ann-    Charlotte,- now called "Lana"

4. Jay Lister -      Zed

5. Scott Villa- Chinook - now called "Harper'

6. Cheryl and Steve  -Victoria

7. Bout - The Baldwin's

We always reserve the right to hold back one or

two breeding dogs per litter, but often do not, therefore we will take Breeder cancellation reservations and deposits (refundable if a puppy does not become available.)



EllsWORTH Labradoodles. Doodles WORTH adoring!

More about this litter's father:

Ashford Manor's King Louie


ALAA:  041586

Colour:  Bbee   Red

Coat:  Fleece

Size:  23 ” tall and 50 lbs

Health:  OFA Hips Good, Elbows normal, Penn hip 50th Percentile, Patellar

Luxation normal, OFA Eye normal, PRA-prcd Clear, VwD Clear, EIC Clear,

DM Clear, IC Clear, Semen Tested – Great Quality, Motility and Movement, also

proven having sired multiple litters.

Sire: Seattles Blue Blazes

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Angel

D.O.B.: February 2, 2015

Description:   What a doll!  This boy has it all…good looks, great temperament, great conformation, he’s patient, sweet, playful and a snuggle bug.   King Louie draws attention everywhere he goes.  He loves everyone he meets and he is a

splendid addition to our breeding program!  Look out Expo, new stud muffin in Big Rock town!  Louie is a fabulous coat corrector.