Holly's Puppies

Small Standards


Father: Morty

Born 12/18/2017! Ready to go home NOW

Holly and Morty's puppies should be in the medium to small standard size range and be between 30-45 lbs at adulthood. The puppies are expected to be apricot and caramel in color (yellow with a black nose and yellow with a brown nose). Coat types should be curly to wavy fleece and just like their parents they are expected to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic. (Our granddaughter is allergic to dogs and has never had any reactions when she comes to visit and she has been around both Holly and Morty). See more information about mommy and daddy dog on their pages under "Our Dogs."

Individual Photos

Because Catherine, who is Holly's guardian, calls Holly, "Lolly" We have decided to call this litter Lolly and her Lollipops!

We have 3 girls, Cinnamon, Kiwi and Cotton Candy.

And 3 boys: Licorice, Rootbeer, and Blueberry.

Cinnamon  red collar  Female

Rootbeer    Brown collar Male

Kiwi light green collar Female

 Licorice black collar  Male


Blueberry   blue collar    Male


Cotton Candy  Pink collar  Female


March 10, 2019, These puppies have grown and matured so much. Kiwi, and Cinnamon are so much smaller than the boys. I think they may end up maturing smaller or closer to Morty's size at about 30 lbs, and Rootbeer will be bigger like Holly closer to 40 lbs.  They have learned to sit for treats  and are almost always sleeping through the night in a crate all together.  They are quick to learn and the 3 still looking for their forever homes. all like to explore, they are  courageous,  and have good even temperaments, and seem  well suited for anyone.

Jan.31st  2019 The puppies have grown so much this week, They really don't want to stay in the weaning box, but would rather be outside playing, and playing with the older puppies too. They have walked on grass, dirt, mud, snow, artificial grass, toys, slides,  they have run up and down a little hill, and are eating some dry food a long with a litter blended food, They look forward to their aptitude evaluation next week. They are sure super cute. The only thing that I don't "love" is that they think morning is at 5:30am and start crying at that time every day to go outside.. ( I plan to have a talking about waking up that early everyday.... )Crate training begins next week. 

Jan.15th 2019 Puppies are 4 weeks old. The puppies have started eating puppy mush, they love it! They are playing together and with toys, they are starting to potty in the right place. I am amazed at how fast puppies grow. They still sleep a lot, and are still nursing, but Holly is spending more time away from them.  They will move to a bigger "weaning" box this coming week. 

Jan.8. 2019 Puppies are 3 weeks old. They all have their eyes open, they are strong and healthy, they are walking on all fours, getting their tummy's off the floor. We have started putting in a potty area in their weaning box. (they haven't quite figured it out yet, having lots of accidents, (potting in the sleeping area), but that is expected. They are trying out the voices and are chewing (teethless) on each other.  They are super cute!

Jan. 1st 2019 Puppies are 2 weeks old. Only a few of them have their eyes starting to open. But this litter is strong and healthy, they are crawling all over and even starting to get up on all fours. Holly has settled in nicely and is taking great care of the puppies. 

For a Christmas present for my husband and I , Our son came up from AZ to take care of all the dogs and puppies and gave my husband a vacation. We went to San Diego.. We were gone for 4 days. and Holly had her puppies with out me (the first labor and birth's I have ever missed) Clint and Catherine (Holly's Guardian) delivered all the puppies. Clint got to "enjoy" two sleepless nights;one while Holly was in first stages of labor, and the 2nd when the puppies were just hours old. and needed help keeping out from under Holly , and back to her "milk bar" and to let  Holly go out to potty, The puppies are thriving. Holly is a great Mom . We love the lollipop names ( easy for me to remember!)

EllsWORTH Labradoodles. Doodles WORTH adoring!