Gabby's Puppies





Born 1/29/2019! Ready to go home Now

Gabby and Story's Apache Warrior AKA Chase from Desert winds Labradoodles in Pueblo Colorado. Puppies should be in the medium size range and be between 25-35 lbs at adulthood. The puppies are expected to be all partis in a variety of colors. Coat types should be curly to wavy fleece and just like their parents they are expected to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic. See more information about mommy dog on her page under "Our Dogs" and more on daddy dog at

Individual Photos

We have decided on "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs for their short term names. Meet:

Snow white, (black/white  girl) Pink collar


Happy, (black/white girl) yellow collar 


Sleepy (Brown/white girl) purple collar 

SOLD moving to Indiana

Bashful (brown/white girl) light blue collar


Dopey (Brown/white boy)  Light green collar


Sneezy (Black/white boy) Dark green collar


Grumpy (Brown/white boy) Dark blue collar


Doc (black/white boy) Red Collar


May, 25, 2019 ,Happy went to her new home yesterday, and Bashful left today for a few weeks of House training with Sky's guardian family. We will see how their 10 year old daughter does with a "summer job" training puppies for us.  This litter has been one  of my favorites, they have been so easy and quiet. They only bark a little when they start really playing hard, with tag, or king of the hill, or " ha ha I have the toy, try and get it" They are exceptionally calm and sweet with little Solo. Solo is our "singleton" puppy from Sky, she is only 7 weeks old and this litter of Gabby's are so gentle and sweet with her, it is so much fun to watch them play.  With the 4 puppies left from the Snow White litter that are 4 months old now and weigh close to 15-20 lbs, and Solo only weighing about 5 lbs. it is a blast to watch them play.  Dopey is the biggest of the  puppies left and has the curliest coat. He is chocolate and white and  loves to play, He is a quick learner, and likes to dig and play in the water and be silly. He is super smart. Doc is black and white with a softer coat and long ears. he is super sweet and mellow, he is gentle and loves to be held. He likes to play and is also happy sitting next to you! Snow White is Black and White and has freckles everywhere. ( I think if we shaved her she might look a little like a Dalmatian.  she is very soft with a nice fleece coat.She is super smart, she knows what she wants and can figure out how to get it. She is so so amazing with little Solo and surprisingly gentle with her. She needs a family that knows how to train a puppy, and can teach her who's in charge.  Bashful is brown and white with a nice soft coat. She needs a new name and will become part of our breeding program, (we welcome suggestions) she is both playful, and gentle and sweet and adventurous.  She will make a great family pet, and a hopeful future mama for our dogs. 

We have so enjoyed these amazing puppies. an hope that they find their own families that can love them completely. 

March 25th   Puppies are now sleeping in a crate, we are still getting up about once a night to let them out to potty. They went for an almost 2 hour drive to Evanston WY to have my daughter do their Volhard aptitude evaluation. They got to play in the snow and play with 2 grown dogs, Cher, and Luna. They were so quite and good in the crate. I am so impressed with this litter, they are learning quick. We have started having them sit for treats and letting them play outside more. 

March 17th, 2019 Happy St. Patrick's day. The puppies had a busy week, they had a fun "spa" day with a bath, and the first time with the blower, and had their nails clipped. They love playing outside now, and playing with Gabby. They are exploring more, and trying to run and bark and wrestle with each other. They are eating more and more, and are even eating a little dry food, They are drinking water now too. They have walked and played on Cement, artificial grass, rocks, grass and dirt, and plastic toys, they have seen chickens and swing sets and lots of new experiences. They have also started following me around.  Gabby went home this morning, just two days shy of the puppies 7 week birthday. We will miss sweet Gabby she was such a great mom and so fun to have around. But now her breeding career is over, and she can enjoy her runs through the desert of Southern Utah and continue to be spoiled and loved by her family Mark and Gina.  

March 6th, 2019 Oh these puppies are so darling! I have such fun watching them play and try to run and play. 5 weeks old, they are eating puppy "mush" great, they are starting to go outside more and have more toys to play with. They are doing really well at going potty in the potty area.  Snow White has the softest coat of the bunch. The one that weighs the most has changed almost every week. Gabby has been such a great Mom. She will be going home in a couple of weeks, and we will miss her :)

Jan. 31st 2019  Gabby and puppies are doing great! They are all gaining. These puppies were born while I slept (first time one of my dogs had puppies on their own. I was expecting puppies in a few days and didn't see any of the normal tell-tale signs of labor and went to bed, when I checked on Gabby at 5:30 AM There they all were, I weighed them all, but didn't write down which puppy was which.   So here are 8 weights for birth weights but I don't know which puppy goes to which weight,   Nor do I know birth order...Can you guess?  girl 13.30 oz., girl 11.11oz., girl 10.19 oz.,girl 10.83 oz., Boy 8.99 oz., boy 12.03oz., boy 12.56 oz., boy 11.25 oz.,

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