Holly's Puppies

Father: Chase


Born 12/27/2017! Ready to go home 2/24/2018.

For those picking up on February 24th, we will include a "snuggle puppy" ($30 value) for free.  We may NOT be able to accommodate late pick ups.

I took Holly to Castle Rock Colorado to find the perfect boy for her, Desert Wind's boy, Story's Apache Warrior aka Chase. Chase is smaller than Holly/Lolly  by about 3 inches and 10 lbs.  He is a apricot and white fleece coated multi-generational labradoodle. We expect medium sized puppies from this litter. You can see more pictures of Chase at: http://dwdoodles.com/our-boys.html 

While I was in Castle Rock, we stayed with a friend and she was absolutely amazed at how calm and quiet and gentle Holly was with her 5 month old puppy. We are hoping Holly and Chase's great personalities will come out in the puppies! For more info on Holly, see her page HERE.

Individual Photos

We have decided on Authors for  their short term names

Dickens (orange collar)  boy

Hemingway   (red collar) boy

Found his home with Ron and Ginette
Found his home with Hannah

Tolkien  (green collar) boy

Found his home with Kate and Tim

Harper (purple collar)  girl

Found her home in Oregon

C.S. Lewis (blue collar) boy

J.K. (yellow collar)  girl

Found his home with Katie and George

Jane Austen (pink collar)  girl

Found her home with Terri H. family

Agatha Christie (teal collar) girl

Found her home with the Watts
There are a lot more  video's on my youtube channel: JoAn Ellsworth or EllsWORTH Labradoodles
Weekly updates:

Week Five and Six: I guess I got so busy taking pictures I forgot about the updates.  Holly's puppies are growing up! They love to play outside, they are going potty consistently in the potty boxes overnight. Everyone but Dickens have their teeth now. I will start the crate training soon.  They love to play and run and explore. They went to the Vet's and had their first round of vaccinations. They have been out in the pasture for a longer walk, (following Holly and me without leashes) They come when I call. Next week is the aptitude evaluation and then one more week after that and we will finally allocate the puppies.  This is my favorite stage (even if it is more work for me). They are sure darling!

Week 7: I weighed the puppies a day late, so they weigh bit more. The aptitude evaluations are done and the videos are here on it's own page. The puppies are sleeping in a crate all together and are doing great with crate training (no accidents yet!)  We will start '"sit" training on the 16th. Now is the time for those that have deposits in to pick their top 3 or 4 favorites. So we will be ready to allocate next week. Feel free to call if you want to talk about a certain puppy, 

Week Four: What a change a week makes. Puppies are eating "mush" (the same food I feed Mama but blended in the blender with goat milk) they are going potty by themselves, and starting to move away from where they sleep to potty. They are beginning to show personalities.  Now is the time that I have a lot to do: cleaning their areas, finding new and stimulating toys and things for the puppies to see, feel, and hear.  They will probably get their first bath this coming week, and their nails trimmed again. They are so super cute I can hardly stand it. 

Week Three:  The puppies are getting to the fun age, they are making lots of noise, and wanting to explore more. We have begun in earnest with the beginnings of potty training. They are starting to leave their sleeping pile and walking away  to potty. Good job puppies! Holly is spending less time with them. And in the coming week, we plan to move them to a bigger room with more areas to explore. They are now old enough for visitors, but we are waiting another week so that Sky's puppies can get a little older too.

 Week two.   Puppies eyes are almost all open, we are waiting on C.S. Lewis. They are trying out their voices and have fun trying to bark. They have been moved to another room with a bigger box, and we have added a potty area so they can begin to figure out how to not potty where they want to sleep. They are walking around on all fours with their tummy off the floor.   This week's pictures are of Holly's Guardian loving on the puppies. Even though she lives all the way in Bountiful, she comes to see Holly and her puppies a couple of times a week.  

This first week has been so fun to watch these cutie-pies figure out how to eat, and sleep. They are gaining weight and mostly just do what babies do, eat, sleep, poop, repeat. We are doing the early neuro stimulation on each of them once a day. This will help them in many ways.  Look on the Training and Links scroll down to EllsWORTH puppy training,

and it will explain what and how we do the ENS. 

Puppy Allocation

Puppies are allocated in the order of deposit received. Questions regarding the non-refundable deposit? Please see the deposits and puppy allocation list page.


Deposits received:

Holly's litter

1. Breeders choice:  

2.Katie & George: picked C. S. Lewis

3 Kate & Tim: picked Tolkien

4.Terry H.:  picked Jane (Jane picked her)

5.Ron Green: Dicken's 

6 Watts: Agatha Christie




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