LIlly and Bentley's Puppies

Born April 28, 2020

Father Bentley

Australian Labradoodle

Size:  small medium

DOB: 10/13/2016

Height:  21 inches

Weight: 29 lbs

Color:  light Chocolate

Coat: Wavy fleece

OFA Hips: good,

elbows: normal

CERF Eyes: clear

DNA: Clear by parentage for VWD, PRA-prcd, EIC

Registration Number: ALAA-055238


Mother  Lilly

Ell's Sunshine Lilly

Registration Number: ALAA-048647

Australian Labradoodle

Size:  medium

DOB: 1/2/2016

Height:  19inches

Weight: 32lbs

Color: caramel ice

Coat: Wavy fleece

OFA Hips and Elbows:Penn-hip in the 90%

CERF Eyes: normal

DNA: normal for EIC,

PRA-prcd,and VWD. She has been DNA profiled.


For those picking up before June 28th we will include a"snuggle puppy" ($30 value) for free.  We may NOT be able to accommodate late pick ups.

Individual Photos

The theme for the "short term"(until their new owners decide their forever name) names for the puppies was decided by Lilly's guardian family and they picked "foreign" food. 

Group pictures of the puppies

Purple ribbion girl "Poutine"

Pink ribbon girl " Crepe"

Blue ribbon boy  "General Tao"

Silver ribbon girl  "Taco"

Teal ribbon  Girl "Teriyaki"

Yellow ribbon Girl  "Curry"

Lime green ribbon Girl "Sushi"

Puppy Allocation

Puppies are allocated in the order of deposit received. Questions regarding the non-refundable deposit? Please see the deposits and puppy allocation list page.


Deposits received: for Lilly's litter

1. Breeder's Choice

2. Breeder's Choice

3. Robert Reed

4.Peter (if I keep a breeder from Maui's litter) (i will know by May 16 about this)

5.Kathleen (if I keep a breeder from Maui's litter)

6..Mike and Marybeth

7. Henna 

8. Alexandra  (this deposit is refundable if Breeder keeps a puppy or can be moved to another litter)

9 Marta .(this deposit is refundable if Breeder keeps a puppy or can be moved to another litter​

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