Cher's Puppies

Cher's litter were raised in Evanston, WY with our daughter Sarah and her family.  Only Pink is still available. She is in Evanston getting house training, walking on a leash, learning impulse control and she is doing great!. Sarah has been helping with puppies since the beginning. She has a Facebook page specifically for Ellsworth Labradoodle puppies raised in Wyoming.

Cher and Bentley's puppies were born May 11th. They should be medium in size around 30 lbs. Colors are chocolate, chocolate parti's and chocolate with white mismatch.

For questions on this litter, please call Sarah or Randy at 307-288-0080





Individual Photos

Since their mother is named after a singer, the puppies will get take their short-term names from  singers also

 Just 1 left from this litter

Taylor   (Silver Collar)  Female


Pink    (Pink Collar)   Female

EllsWORTH Labradoodles. Doodles WORTH adoring!