Adult Dogs ready to Go Home Today!

The following adult dogs are available on a first come, first serve basis. No deposit or wait is needed. Are you ready for labradoodle love today? Then these wonderful dogs are perfect for you. Avoid the puppy stage and get a grown labradoodle. They have been raised in our home and have had frequent play times with the neighborhood kids and our grandchildren.  These dogs could be go quick so fill out a puppy application and give us a call 801-754-4279.

Timberwolf     Male

most likely sold, will know by Sept. 5, 2019

Tim was born 2/28/2017, He was admired by the woman that did the puppy aptitude evaluations and the dog handler that did the "Pat Hastings" puppy structure evaluation.He has great boning and structure. Is very well put together with an amazing sweet personality too.

We had planned on selling Tim as a breeder, since he is such a beautiful dog. But when we had his eyes tested, he had a slight cataract, that MIGHT  be genetic. So Tim has been neutered and is available as a pet. He is so sweet a quick learned, loves people loves to run and play. Super smart and fun loving. (He still likes to chew, and when he  isn't chewing his ball, likes to "kick-it-around" like a soccer ball.  We are asking $1500 for him, (which pretty much is the cost of all of his health testings.) He is current on his vaccinations. Great in the car. Such a lovely boy!