Magic's Puppies

Mother Magic

Father Cooper

Born May 10th 2020

 Ready to go home July 10-11th 2020

For those picking up by July 11th, we will include a"snuggle puppy" ($30 value) for free.  We may NOT be able to accommodate late pick ups.

Magic has the most amazing sweet and gentle personality. She is so very loved by her guardian family. They think she is the BEST dog in the whole world. Cooper is from Red Desert Labradoodles and  this is what they say: Cooper is very friendly and loves to cuddle.  He lives in a guardian home with four children, where he gets lots of love and attention.  He is playful, but has a calm demeanor.  He is obedient and his guardian family loves that he doesn't bark when someone comes to the door.  Cooper is patient with children, likes to play with other puppies, and loves everyone.   He is so smart and learns so quickly.  He has figured out the doggy door like a champion.  Cooper has a gorgeous, soft, wavy fleece coat with caramel coloring.  He gets lots of compliments on his good looks.  His guardian family sure does love him.  We are excited to use him in our breeding program.

Three weeks old! puppies are now in a 4X8 box, and will start going outside a lot more often. They will start at the end of their 3rd week with eating some "puppy mush" (goat milk and blended up puppy and dog kibble) This litter is so sweet, and so laid back and calm. They all had baths on their 3rd week birthday and loved it. They are starting to play and walk and run . Such a super cute age with a super cute litter!

Five weeks old, they have had so many visitors, and fun with all ages of people. This litter is so mellow and sweet, it is hard to pick a favorite; they are all wonderful!  Flag day was a fun day to take pictures. They are spending more time outside, and learning to potty in the potty box when they are inside. They will start learning how to use the doggy door in the coming week. 

week one: Magic is being a great Mom! She is taking great care of her puppies, with licking and feeding and watching over them. We moved them to a larger box, so that Magic can stretch out while she feeds them. Everyone is doing great!

Magic's puppies were born and are being raised in Salt Lake City with my niece and her family of 4 kids. They are loving the experience and working closely with me, so that we can insure that each puppy gets all the right attention and care. All 4 kids, and Mom and Dad  stayed up all night and helped me help Magic with her delivery of her 6 puppies.  It was an amazing experience for everyone. Even though it made for a very tired unforgettably Mother's Day

Individual Photos 

"Short term"names for Orlando Magic team members

Blue boy "Shaq"

Pink girl "Penny"

light blue  girl  "Sky"

Red Boy "Vince"

Yellow girl   "Tracy"

lime green boy "Mo Bamba"

EllsWORTH Labradoodles. Doodles WORTH adoring!