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Time has gone by so quickly and it has been a crazy couple of weeks at the Ellsworth household (puppies, new grandson, a suprize visit from my son from Arizona, and a visit from Great Grandma). Almost all of the puppies have gone to their forever homes. MV from Maple's litter and Clella Bell from Ruby's litter will be joining our breeding program and going to guardian homes. Clella Bell has her guardian home, but we are still looking for t...

Today I started teaching Maple's puppies to sit. I was amazed how quickly they learn. One handful of puppy food and almost all 8 had figured out if you sit quietly, you will get a piece of dog food.  They also spent 2  1/2 hours in the crate. This is their 2nd time in the crate. The first time was for about 20 minutes. This time I left them in the crate and went for a bike ride. So I don't know if there was much crying or not, but when I g...

Maple's puppies are growing so quickly and ... they finally have temporary names! They will have initials for their names. First initial is M for Maple and second will be after their collar color. These puppies are awaiting their forever

names for when they go to their forever homes.

Ruby's puppies were born early in the morning of July 24th . It is a state holiday honoring the pioneers settling Utah. So in honor of "pioneer day" We decided to name these pups after my ancestors, and after the guardian family of Ruby. These names are temporary, The people who become these dogs forever family will pick their own names for these darling dogs.

Ruby had her X-Ray and should have her puppies this weekend. How many puppies do you think she will have?