Penny's Puppies

These puppies will probably be medium's in size (Phillip might be bigger)


Hale's Prince Harry



Born 10/2/2018! Ready to go home  NOW

Individual Photos

Because  the dad is "Prince Harry", and Mom is Miss Money Penny,

we decided to go with British Royalty names!

 Phillip (red collar boy) Born at 10:54 PM


 Charles (green collar) boy Born at 11:26 PM



Puppies will be 13 weeks old tomorrow (Jan. 1st, 2019). These puppies are more mature and calm and quick to please then the other younger puppies. They do play and sleep with the other puppies, and are learning to sit, and have been sleeping through the night in a crate all together. They are doing great. They love to play and love to follow me around.  They  have enjoyed some time exploring the house, and not just the crate and outside.  They are sensitive and oh so sweet! Will one of these darlings join your home?


Puppies are 9 weeks old and are learning to sit, and have been sleeping through the night in a crate all together. They are doing great. They love to play and love to follow me around. They are very sweet and ready for their new homes.


Puppies are ready to go home. Elizabeth is moving into our breeding program. The 3 boys are needing some wonderful homes. They have had their dew claws removed, they are already micro chipped with a pre-registered chip. They have had their first vaccinations at the Vet's and they are all healthy . They have had a vasectomy, so you don't have to worry about them breeding. They are sleeping together in a crate and are doing great with crate training. They are gentle puppies that would love some training and new experiences.  Fill out an application quick and get one of these darling boys before they are gone.

 Nov. 21, 2018

Puppies are doing great! They are so fun to watch. There are a lot more videos of them on my YouTube channel.  Penny has gone home to her guardian family. The puppies are starting to eat dry kibble (Life Abundance dog food) They are playing and going potty outside a lot more now. They went to the Veterinarian and  had their 1st set of puppy vaccinations, and were checked all over. They are all healthy and fine. They have met the adult dogs here, and are starting the crate training, with more time in all together in a crate. They had their aptitude evaluations done, and you can see that on the other scroll down page. These puppies have been a joy. They are "softer" and a little more timid than some of my other litters.  They will love learning and pleasing  their new families! 

 Nov. 6, 2018

Puppies are 5 weeks old, they are learning to potty in the potty area. They get a few hours,( as long as the weather is okay) playing outside, They have experienced walking on real grass, dirt, artificial grass, rocks, and over, under and on toys,  they have chew toys (although they don't have teeth yet) and stuffed animals in the weaning box.  All of them have been brave and happy to go outside and explore.Their little tails wag and wag. This is such a darling and fun stage! 

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