Deposits and Puppy Allocation

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, but they are transferable to other litters.


Because we only accept a certain number of deposits, we cannot allow for refunds of deposits. Since potential buyers often move on as soon as all of the puppies have deposits, we cannot refund deposits as it makes it far more difficult for us to find families for each puppy. 

What does making a deposit mean? How do you decide who gets which puppy?

. Your order in the puppy allocation will be based on when your deposit is received.


When you submit an application, you will be able to give me a first and 2nd choice regarding color and gender realizing it may change, and the person in front of you might change their minds too.  This deposit doesn't lock in which exact puppy you get- only the opportunity to have one of these puppies.


I might hold back 1 or 2 puppies in each litter as possible breeders so I always get first pick. I make my decision on which puppy I will keep after they have their "aptitude" tested at 7 weeks old and have their structure evaluation completed at 8 weeks old. These tests help me decide which puppy will make the best breeder and improve the breed. I have also decided that I might use my "breeder spot" for specific service or therapy work. If a client  has a trainer set up and that trainer wants to help in picking a therapy or service dog, I have the right to let them use my pick.  I know waiting until 8 weeks to know which puppy you will get makes it a little tough for people that really want a certain color or gender. From my experience, I prefer to place puppies based on personalities that will fit best with each family rather than just by color or gender. Having a perfect fit personality wise will mean much more in the long run than the puppy color. But I still let you decide which puppy you want along with my recommendation.


In summary, the breeder always gets first pick. The rest of the puppies are picked in the order of deposit received. I will give my suggestion on which puppies would be best based on each puppy's personality, but the final decision is always up to you.


When do you start accepting deposits on certain litters?


I will accept up to 3 deposits for each litter before they are born, once we have puppies we will accept deposits on the rest of the  litter.


What if I made my non-refundable deposit and then decide I don't want a puppy from the litter I had originally decided on?

First, deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable.


If you have your heart set on one particular puppy and that puppy is chosen before your turn to choose, you may choose to transfer your deposit to a different litter. In this case, you will be moved to the front of the allocation list (unless someone on the list put their deposit in before you put in your deposit, then you will move in behind them. 


For example. You make your deposit on 1/10, then when the puppies are ready to go home, you decide you don't want one of the puppies from the options left in your chosen litter. You chose to transfer your deposit to another litter. That litter has 3 deposits already. The first in that list submitted their deposit on 1/8. The second two submitted their deposits on 1/11. You would go to 2nd in line in this instance. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email or call me.

How much is the non-refundable deposit?

The non-refundable deposit is $350. This amount is subtracted from the total cost of the puppy.


How can I make a deposit?

Before making a deposit, you must submit a puppy application and then be approved for a puppy.


I accept check, venmo, or paypal for the non-refundable deposit.



Deposits Received

                                            Date  Deposits received:

Paula Maloof                             11/11/  2017  waiting                           

Felicia                                         9/4/2018     waiting until summer

Robert Reid                                7/25/2019   Lilly or Magic's

Peter Elia                                    4 /18/2020    Lilly's

Mike and Marybeth                  4/22/2020  Lilly's   

Heena                                         4/23/2020  Lilly's 

Alexandra Gangi                       4/28/2020  Lilly's or Magic's   

Marta                                          5/1/2020    Lilly or Magic's   

Barbara                                       5/1/2020    Magic's   

Krosuru Mohan                         5/5/2020 first available when their turn to pick (Lilly's or magic

Nicole Kupser                            5/6/2020 Magic 

Leann Horrocks                        5/11/2020 Magic

Harsha and Priyanka                5/11/2020  Magic or Sailor

Richard and Amanda               5/11/2020 Magic or Sailor 

Theodore Doukakis                  5/14/2020 first available

Jennifer Kagnofff                     5/18/2020 (Sailor's)

Ian and Minh                            5/23/2020 hoping for Sailor's

Lilly and Bentley's puppies born on April 28th  (1 boy 6 girls)

1.Breeder's choice

2.Breeder's choice

3. Robert Reed maybe  Magic's 

4. Peter Elia 

5.Mike and Marybeth

6. Heena

7. Alexandra (wants chocolate)

There are only 7 puppies

.8 Marta (if I don't keep two)

9.Krosuru (if I don't keep two)

Magic and Cooper's puppies born May 10th 2020 (3 boys 3 girls)

1.Breeder's choice

2.Breeder's choice

3.Barbara Beyda

4.Nicole Kupser

5.Leann  Horrocks

6 Harsha and Priyarka (or maybe Sailor's)

Sailor and Obi's puppies due  the end of June: We

don't know how many puppies she will have. 

1. Breeder's Choice

2. Breeder's Choice

3 .Harsha and Priyarka (or maybe Magic's)

4.Richard and Amanda

5.Theodore Doukakis or first available

6.Jennifer Kagnoff

7. Ian and Minh

 Luna and Jack due end of July first part of Aug.